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Deals buy a Toyota dot com sponsors the four day WBZ accu weather forecasters meteorologist dean devore already improving out there west of us the sun started to break down around Worcester and closer to town is still kind of cloudy but those clouds work for some sun breezy warming up to the mid upper sixties in the city this afternoon and then a nice evening chilling back into the forties to near fifty got another great day tomorrow Jeff upper sixties was sunshine little cooler Friday and Saturday both these dry closer to sixty degrees for the high and then looks rainy on Sunday with some rain at times especially later in the day the high in the fifties I Mackey with your old you see devore WBZ bosses newsradio still gray skies in Boston fifty eight degrees WBZ at seven oh five AM twelve thirty five and five thirty five PM for tomorrow's technology today brought to you by Toyota learn the latest news from leading experts on cutting edge innovations hybrid and safety technology Toyota let's go places nine twenty five will be hearing a clanging bell on Wall Street in less than five minutes now and as always we get a preview of the markets today executive director at Morgan Stanley Boston Christine Armstrong joins us so Christine what are we looking at as the markets open was the market's open up well today we are looking at a whole watch US open we're seeing a few futures down right now three things are moving this market earnings the trade deal with China is it going to happen or not brexit let's have another worry the feds are they gonna lower twenty five basis points are fifty when they meet later this month what happens if they don't lower at all so a lot of things on the table what we're seeing right now is a market that's alternating between gains and losses we've done that every day for the last eight days update down a day and where we are today is the nasdaq and S. and P. positive for the month Darryl trailing and that's an unusual thing we usually see.

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