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How many of those if we just held forever never never frantic why an we we don't do those i'm not saying they're bad i just their way to reviewed you can get stuck in those things and you can't get out unless you're willing to give up eighty percent of your money right 'some said they get so underwater it's like it's not worth we've got tons of those that people come in with yep come over here and they've already got him and the only way to get out is to be willing to give up half the money or seventy percent of the money us something and uh you know that's a terrible idea it is if unless we just have to have the money so you know it those kind of things if you're going to do those kind of things it needs to be money you're really not planned neater use the question is is is my our money doing what it needs to be doing well i don't know what all you need and in what degree yes and so i would say that so for bags i would say you're probably in most likely your money needs to be doing a lot of different things and so you need a lot of different things so you know all the things you mention was that her her accounts have been doing well which tells me shoes his loath she's in the stock market and it's doing welcome in a lot of people i'm sorry in rebelled a lot of you say this actually this is your point i'm still in your point are a lot of people look at their 401 k in the goma 401 k zas to an incredible in what they're not factor nan is how much there pat nevin and how much the companies match them the amount that they're putting in every month and i say that all the time that's inactivity lesson active account you put money in it every month it's going in there your paycheck so it should be up even if the markets down so so putting those new dollars in there can really hide either downturns or it can.

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