A new story from Jared and Katie


Win a game with the correct answer here clean sweep it Charlie cliche things one day to keep going back to the microphone I am looking to see if it's on here's a distracting these like to nothing now is like a clean sweep sorry Kate RJ says the the next three right to win the game okay what letter of goodness and light yeah I you're not pressure I do too I have the opposite of cut yeah you have to get this on the board your favorite another but not quite city name something you can find in a donut shop starting the letter C. plus one warned of god even about cat claws this is good judges now air quality a lot it's also teclado to cap for all my sis makes sense but it does look up attack plot is that I'm going to look it up I'm don't have never heard of it he's hoping against hope that this is here I know he meant to say bear claw he did cat claws don't call donuts cat claw and not for donut pendants that's not it the only thing that shows up is a toy doughnut for cats now yeah tax law not for Dona pendant so you find that now and I think that whatever the I don't know it's out there I will contestant you can have candy corn as a decoration on one of the but not this is the cat club for donuts here don't know don't a pendant look at mine and a bakery and I was first now all right shop let's go to the judges main concern Matt I'm the recipe now no there's cat donuts recipe not cat claw donuts I look I'll out cat claw shaped donuts shape donuts the founder where we're taking the phone looking really are should move on right my vote is to throw it out not even the candy corn now I'm not given any cornea outline is ready would you think I'm I group met this thought out all right lesson how to give a credit to Jason well my lotus account because the arctic out number all right so SO three to one yeah name something people break starting the letter eight charts one two Adam says that way to go okay we got all right truth hurts game I mean back in in and we just keep the morning the number one hit music station one of seven five AZL.

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