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Yeah. No, no. I think this is Chris lane the personal trainer for the Winnipeg Jets. I think that's who it is his that. Isn't that the Chris lane that's out here? I don't know who's I don't know what you're talking about over my head crap. It's the end of the show. I hate when that happens. Start that one over. I have no idea. I don't know. It'll be performing at the bird's nest. Oh, not the Winnipeg Jets guy. Okay. Kind of country. That sounds like today's pop so auto tuned. Yeah. They don't register wish we get out of that auto tune crowd. Just drive nights that Michelle. Enrolled listens to the stations that play the Evan. Evan. Evan. I mean, why why can't you pronounce a word can't you pronounce anything except head? And they put a beat to it on. And suddenly, it's on every radio station. One of the celebrities out here. World long driver champion. Troy molins. What's what's a world long drive? Can you look that up who drove like across the country two or three times a long drive? Oh, you know, what that is? Now, we have a competition now. Oh. Smack smack the crap out of the ball for the longest the longest yards. Yeah. Did he drive from Phoenix to Atlanta two or three times? That's a long dry acid who's Brandel Chablis Shambley. He's a golf channel analyst. I don't know any of these people. Yeah. This is no good. You. You may go to you may go with governor brewer to this thing. And you may be the top celebrities out there. Utilize that should have been playing in that thing today. She would have been the biggest celebrities. They're just about they can't afford me. They you can't afford me. Don't pay you. Yeah. Aaron Rodgers was out here last year. Boy. Wow. I mean, it is really slipped. It re. It's kind of like Palm Springs Palm Springs used to be like the celebrity play. What back in the day, not only more at the end of the day ago though day, it's such a fun open. It is so much fun to go to the weather is great..

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