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And and, you know, take to get you know, increased maturity, I think one of the things you said on the podcast, which I thought was really brilliant was the maturity gap between wins and foles right now is pretty big. But that's even say Carson Wentz is a pretty mature guy for a quarterback his agent of his experience. It's one of his one of the things that made him so attractive coming out of college. It's one of the reasons the eagles traded up to get him. Because he he does have his feet on the ground. You know? But I do think that last year messed things up for him. And he came into this year wanting to do too much. I think he he wanted to get back so badly that he tried to force the issue on the field and off the field. And I think that change in the offense of coaching staff. Maybe. Changed the way some in the locker room perceived him, whereas, you know, not being there. I can't say for sure but Frank Reich and Doug Peterson. We're quarterbacks in their career. They've had they've had long careers in the NFL. So they're familiar and probably somewhat comfortable with a young quarterback. Having a strong opinion about what plays they should run. And what they should do this stuff. That bothered me. If it is true is if Carson Wentz had come in and said, I don't wanna play. I'm not running any of that Nick foles stuff because you got to do what's best for the team. And if the Nick foles stuff works, and if it stuff that Doug Peterson wants to run Carson Wentz should be mature enough to run it. Whether that's true or not. I don't know. If that's if that's the case, I would hope that that is something that changes with Carson, if if that kind of an attitude festers and maintains itself, then yeah, you could be you could see the situation devolve and grow from three to a six or seven, but we are a long way from that. Because we know that Carson Wentz a young. Christian kid who I think wants to do. Right. I think that he is very well respected in the locker room. He's got immense talent. And I hope that this year is a part of the learning process that a young quarterback goes through. So yeah, I'm not stressing big about this. I think it does just call to everyone's attention. The fact that he is not perfect. And maybe everybody has to be okay. With the fact that Carson Wentz is not perfect. And that maybe he is like other big time quarterbacks that we have seen in this league that had success. I wanna read you this tweet from eagles blog who Derek Sarli of the former WWW dot eagles, blog dot com. A great eagles while that used to in the world. And this is what he tweeted the other day..

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