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Winter golden there although maryland's career to this point have been limited to bit parts as a non speaking waitress nineteen forty seven dangerous years and a single line in the following year scudder who scuttle hey she was slowly getting noticed by the people that mattered the first of these as was twentieth century fox president joe shank some fifty years her senior and joe's gang fell head over heels madly now i don't j. he run to occur indulge jack but he would invite her to come to his partner his house every night and then and she would sit opposite him before a big roaring fire and he would just enjoy looking and sometimes cooper yeah will run through vanni. He made contacts. We tried to help. He was fond of her but it wasn't enough to get her to. The next level of movie movie stardom that came from a manning johnny johnny hyde was vice president of the william morris talent agency they represented all of the biggest names in the industry and as such johnny was one of the most important and influential men in hollywood. When he saw marilyn he immediately became obsessed with her in a professional sense cents because he could see the star quality in the young actress that few others at that time could but also on a personal level johnny hyde was with william william morris agency which is the top talent agency in hollywood and he literally matter and fell in love with her so he was there fighting for her very very hard to get roles in film and really really working on the sideline to help her with her career maryland became hides protege and also despite right there thirty one year age gap and the fact that he was married his lover johnny. I'd literally fell completely in love with her and he would do anything more. Her key truly became obsessed with her. She became the obsession of his life. He left his wife and children to devote himself. Exclusively to her obsessed he might have been but johnny was as good as his word when it came to helping her career and unlike those other executives he genuinely believed in maryland's ability to become hollywood star. I always say that if marilyn had not met johnny hide her courier probably wouldn't have been what it was he would call producers first and say i've got a girl. I want you to see she's phenomenal. She's the next big star and there was a who who is it and he would say marilyn monroe off. We know we saw that blonde already. Johnny hyde would say see her again. Take another look in may may nineteen forty nine with film roles still proving elusive maryland took on another job. Something johnny hyde hadn't swum for her here. She is later talking about what would become the most famous nude photo shoot in history. Kelly has asked is done. Some fear has prepared for his ass capoche news so i always round things and then so far the rent four weeks soon i think so i called recognized. He said i flagged twelve twelve at night and don't have any helpers to put some lies so we did it. That's always does spread housing reg delvis. He's had me down in such put some lotion on u._s._a. Messages he's very i simple news was.

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