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Girl walks up to me. And she's got her phone out and she says. Excuse me do you remember your friend. Jesse mentioned it. Who was this person talking about and I go of course? He's the guy who said to me. She says we've been living together for twenty years. I have him on the phone right now across the street from this place. Jessie wasn't the guy that was our other friend. Mike Costanza weight but imagine I'm standing across in the first place at went on stage and the guy who encouraged me to do with his partner walks up to me and he's on the phone. This was like three months ago. One of the craziest things ever happened. And she says he and micro getting together tonight for dinner well and I'm thinking well of course on invaded. I'm not going but I would. I wanted to ask. People are stupid. Life is dumb. It would be nice if he could get over and you guys could hang out if he could get over his last name. That was very buddy. Why because name's Costanza took his name. Yeah that's funding worth one hundred million dollars. It's it's definitely not that's crazy. That's like a joke number. Yeah okay well. We've wasted everybody's time enough. I know but we've got a couple more minutes. Is there anything that we will just kick ourselves? We didn't if we didn't ask to take a moment again about your parents like what they were like cal. No Mark told us. My Dad was insanely funny. Insanely funny stuff. Joke jokes and in the army had a metal box. You can imagine what jokes were in the army. You know was Outrageous survived. You know. Everybody knew millions of jokes and he had a box and he had them all in a file and but both of my parents were orphans. And they both got yeah. They both got married very late in life. Orphans like they were. They grew up in an orphanage. An orphanage part company like we've spent a lot of time together that we know like nothing about talk about jokes. Okay so so you as you might imagine they were very independent self sufficient people and I got that gene. You know just like. Don't you know my dad never worked for anybody? Couldn't he had his own little business but they were both like that. They were just very resilient independent freedom independence and freedom was like. That's the greatest thing you can happen. Your mom funny little bit a little bit. Yeah which this is a dunk. How did they meet? Has Your parents at a wedding and kind of work in his wedding. Catering was she so worse mortgage board. I haven't seen Horford's is fascinating. Did your parents did they pass away. Sorry for your loss. Sorry sorry my mom lived to ninety nine. She died years ago. My Dad died younger but But they got to. My Dad got to see me. Kind of start. To get practice was great. It was really great. It was really crazy in that time. In one thousand nine hundred seventy five to think of being a comedian when it was like it was nine and Kirby and you know it was just like you. Who's going to do this? Is this the beginning when you were just starting stand up like we're well eventually? He's going to get a job but he's doing this. Nice thing. Yeah this is probably a little fun thing. He's doing stern I really. He was kind of disappointed that you didn't have like a bit because you know people who are so successful. They always have some deep seated problem with their fathers. You know every athlete every whatever and I just remember him being kind of disappointed that you didn't have that Labor. I don't believe in that. I I think all these I think we label it that way wells because this is because of that I I think if you have a hunger you have it I don't know but it does color. You know the story and it does call. But yeah the Richard. Pryor grew up in a brothel yes. It's more romantic mart. Bra Wait till you find out about mark. He has had many lives. Nothing I need to know. I mean that well before we go. I just want to say how much I love you and how much you've made my life so much better and letting your life mark you're absolute garbage and I hope you forget my address. It's great to be on the show. Thank you this is a. This is a beautiful setup. You got here thank you know I mean just the whole thing that you come here you hang out. Yeah it's not bad right is there? Do you come early. And you get a little food or really. Didn't get anything. Nothing on the air wonder freak out mark because he was gushing about you Yeah we got some food in the kitchen. First of all great job you find Rachel. You really up a lot of questions for Jerry and earlier Jane Keith. You much like a turtle your head went into your shell and we heard nothing firm. You can't stand him all right. Please follow us on Instagram at three years one key. That's the number three girls. The number one keith. Stay strong toxin. Three three girls. One Keith is a spotify original podcast. Our executive producer me. Amy Schumer and Kevin Kane are executive producers at spotify. Are Bar Coleman Robin Hopkins three girls when Keith is produced in collaboration with the team Gilded Audio Andrew Chug Whitney Donaldson and Samaya atoms and Dan. Rosato and by the way make sure to all three girls when Keith so you don't miss a single episode. We've asked you to stop worrying that. Little shirt with a moon and a hoodie wearing short sleeve and a hood is very odd. Yeah Harvest Moon. That's just terrible..

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Jane Keith, Mike Costanza, Spotify discussed on Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith

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