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New Japan announced yesterday, President, and CEO Herald May will be departing the company next month. In their statement announcing the news, it was revealed that Commie Obe Ari, who's the current CEO of new Japan of America. Will become the new president and CEO of New Japan on October twenty third at a meeting of new Japan pro wrestling's parent company Bucci Roads Board of directors and change was announced in New Japan director ship. This is a statement from New Japan. The change will take effect at the beginning of New Japan's Fiftieth Year of trading on October twenty third outgoing President Harold may new president as of October twenty third the Commie Bari May wrote a blog. New. Japan's Japanese. Website about his experiences with the company both prior to and during covid nineteen, he apologized for announcing his resignation during the ongoing g one climax thirty event he was appointed President May of twenty eighteen prior to his appointment he served as senior vice president of coca-cola Japan. And also had been coo of the toy company. told me. So we'll see what happens. That's all I can say about a lot of things regarding this. We'll see what happens. Was the one of the first questions you got from people. Yes. Seventy one that I got was yes. The forbidden door you'll see what happens. Yeah, it's. It's interesting to you know he sounds like. He's going to retire. That was a google translation of his last message that he put up on the new Japan website where he does a log in. It also sounds like he could have been voted out at a board of directors meeting matter exactly how this thing went down but the biggest thing is that the guy that's been in charge of new. Japan America is the guy who's taking over who is much younger and very fluent in English. So like Brian said, we're just GONNA have to see how this all of this stuff plays out. It's going to be very, very interesting especially when it comes to expansion and making friends here in the states. So tomorrow we've got a W and an xt and tomorrow by the way Mike's run solo by think that he's got a big exciting guests. So there will be a reason for you to tune in tomorrow so he can tell you about that is what? I need to have a guest to have a reason for people. Not say that. Mike. I. Am appalled. how dare I. You started this year by threatening to fire. Me May not even be here tomorrow. Tomorrow yes I did not. We're going from Symptoms Salcedo on on a Wednesday when you won't be here because you're going to be getting your teeth cleaned or whatever it is that you're going to be off gallivanting in doing driving cannons each tomorrow. I, just got my teeth cleaned a couple of days ago. Didn't even notice. That's right. He got his teeth couple days ago. So he could look good on that drive to the beach where he's going to be. Clean so that my teeth don't fall out when a little older like me. It's been a hard life from me buddy. But you know what? I'm GonNa do tomorrow just for the people because they have been asking for it in clamoring for it. GonNa have a little g one talk tomorrow as well as well as last and a preview of what's coming up on an xt and Awa Mar night. Well, I'm spoiling that for you. So the aws show has Jon Moxley versus an opponent chosen by Eddie Kingston is must continue. Got Darby Ellen versus Ricky. starks. We have FDR versus Esi you a twenty minute challenge a presumably for the AWA team titles. We've got. Chris. Jericho versus Isaiah Cassidy. Orange Cassidy. not, related. Faces ten. Who Somehow is not Anna. J I mean that's the easiest easiest joke in the world but I gave her ninety nine Dr Bread. Baker will be an action and cody responds to Mr Brody, lease dog collar match challenge I wonder what cody will say About a challenge that involves him bleeding profusely all over everywhere. Seems like they got to this little quickly you what as a fan of Roddy Piper and Greg? Valentine am for it. Also have the annex t show, which has a mixed tag match, which means the rules are the women can do spots on the men but not vice versa Gargano and Kansas Laura will face priest ensure i. Wonder if the I wonder if they'll let candice and Gargano spots in each other sincere married I guess we'll see. Kyle versus valor in a face to face a verbal debate. And we have shotsie blackheart facing Dakota. kyw. That lineup thus far for those two shows tomorrow you know what we going to have, and maybe we still will the thin valor Kyle O'Reilly meeting face off debate discussion whatever it is moderated by Shawn. Michaels. Who was last seen laid out on the floor playing cards no mask on by the way with a bunch of other older gentleman most of who had money issues and had to borrow money from ww one boy another on the show last night. A good way to transition a raw Bryan. Those hideous absolutely. Hideous. But if you want to transition a raw. I mean. We could talk about would happen which was yes. Big Show Christian Shawn Michaels and Ric flair were there because here's the story everybody. Randy Orton. beat up the big show Christian Shawn Michaels and Ric flair. Four men returned clash of champions in storyline without drew McIntyre knowledge. They cost radio in the match. Which leads you ran your beating up the big show, Christian Shawn Michaels and.

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