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An, execution is difficult. Making things is difficult, and in fact, I've actually got a little twitter exchange here, which is the next Hab over over part of the same thing. Where we have a user here before everyone gets too excited about the Elon Musk Nurlan demo. Here's what professor, Andrew Jackson professor of neural interfaces. At Newcastle University says, this is solid engineering but mediocre neuroscience. And you can go through and read it well, maybe I'll just do a quick piece of it. I don't think there was anything revolutionary in the presentation, but they are working through the engineering challenges of placing multiple electrodes into the brain in terms of their technology. Ten twenty four channels is not that impressive these days but the electronics to really them wirelessly is state of the art and the robotic implantation is nice. So he saying. that. What they're working on. As. Not as revolutionary as some might think because. Well. For the most part, the average person is not up to date on. The current. Neuro science when it comes implants. But of course you you may recall faintly that you've seen someone control a cursor on a screen with their mind in the past. At, the bottom of this. Quote here. So in summary I would say this is solid engineering but mediocre neuroscience finally, I think it is unfortunate that they are presenting their work in this way rather than publishing peer reviewed papers that would allow their claims to be scrutinized but I guess this is something that we will have to get used to as neural interfaces move from the academic to the commercial sector. Okay. So here's a key will. It's all fine and Dandy to be an academic side and have these very high standards and live in the Peer Review viewed world and all the rest of it. But Ultimately. That world relies on funding of some kind. You need people interested at some point is I'm trying to say. I mean. Part of the presentation, there was actually hiring people exactly and how do you hire people and how do you secure funding unless? There's promise commercial, eventual, commercial promise eligible the at some point it doesn't have to be immediately but at some point, otherwise, it remains Nizhny remains small. Once. You put something in somebody's pocket the average person. Then we see this the pace of things improve vastly because now. Who can sell it and if you can sell it, you can hire and if you can hire talent, you have more more people. Putting their minds together into one particular goal..

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