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Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand K. T. O. K. news center Oklahoma congressman Frank Lucas says there is no other way to help small business owners keep their employees right now then the paycheck protection program again the goal is to keep people off unemployment keep on as a part of a business enable businesses when we work our way through this pandemic to get the doors open and get up and running in a hurry the house will vote any time now on the nearly half a trillion dollar bill that pumps that additional three hundred ten billion dollars into the paycheck protection program which has run dry and also has money for hospitals and corona virus testing there are nine more coronavirus deaths in Oklahoma the state health department reporting today the deaths occurred in Cleveland Washington Oklahoma Tulsa creek Caddo and Muskogee counties there are one hundred seventy nine total deaths in the state and the number of confirmed cases has jumped to three thousand seventeen the number of persons in the hospital has fallen slightly to two hundred eighty four and not just yet despite what the governor says Oklahoma City mayor David Holt says personal care services and other non essential businesses in Oklahoma City will remain closed until at least April thirtieth look at this is a long journey and this is just another way you know and it's one that we have to embark upon very cautiously he tells news four Oklahoma City is focused on following president trump's criteria and meeting those benchmarks before safely re opening the president of the Oklahoma state medical association says the governor's plan to re open the state is hasty at best Dr George monk says even without widespread testing Oklahoma has seen an ongoing growth in the number of cases hospitalizations and deaths in the past week alone and the U. S. labor department says roughly twenty six million people have filed for jobless benefits in the five weeks since the corona virus outbreak began more than four and a half mill Ian filed last week including about forty thousand in Oklahoma about one in six American workers have lost their jobs since mid March economists predict the national unemployment rate for April could go as high as twenty percent damage assessments are under way today in the Dail.

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