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The restaurants and millie's is not like an empty place. So i'm using. This is one of the ways. I so funny you kill me tv. The word betas at italic. You've made tv. I fall for incredulous. it's true. I it all the time. You know how you wanna get me. That's a set like here's a tad is is the obviously. The locker room is a set. Yeah and i was wrong. Apparently what is richmond place where they work around outside. That's of course that's real. But the outside by the way have watched the whole show twice so is richmond. Richmond is the field now. Richmond is everywhere. But we've been talking about outside. I understand israel in the interior is a fake set. That is exactly a replica of the real. We did that on. Hbo's crashers all the time we we would shoot the pilot and are these apartment was an actual apartment in new york and then it's money. It's cheaper to build a replica of the apartment. Then to pay the people who own that apartment i have to imagine. What is a huge fee. And by the way well-earned have you ever. I'm sure you have many times on a practical location. No matter how much stuff they lay on the floor. Something's going to get dinged or winged. It's just like a crazy way. You can't stop at any point. Jerry seinfeld might show up with a comedian. So let's stop here for a bit. You like comedy planning ahead. We're feel so funny okay. You're on comedians in cars. Yeah i'm and you are stand up. Comedian i didn't know that i should have done research but i i i watched all of ted lasts twice as you did my bed more. I've had wonderful chats with less prep meaning. I wouldn't have even seen your show but at the end of your show twice you be no surprise of year. Wikipedia page has no personal life section. I'm very very private. Oh why should anyone anything and lance mccullers. I'll tell you everything is see. i thought i was like..

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