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A union gunboat came into tampa bay and then launched a boat with twenty men flying a flag of truce a team of about eighteen confederate soldiers met them in the bay and basically said nope we're not going to let you land uh the confederates were given a message that the union army uh the union a navy rather at wanted tampa to sinn surrender unconditionally to union control the confederates refused and so the union said that they would start shelling the town at six o'clock they gave them a time the they put it on their global calendar um in response to this the confederate a delegation gave three hearty cheers but that's at six o'clock the union of vessel the sagnimore opened fire with heavy shell the confederate army returned fire both parties then kept up a regular fire until seven p m at that point the sagnimore withdrew the next day they came back beyond the range of the confederate cannon started firing again after a twohour break for lunch the u s s sagnimore fired two wore rounds wait anchor and sailed away there were no casualties on either side the bow of tampa was a bunch of armed men shooting at each other and hitting nothing and only stopping for lunch rent test occurs was 38 guys all total yeah what is the smallest number of people you can have still call it a battle i mean feels it feels like we're approaching that number here we can't this this is more like a fight in the school lunch this is this is a musical is what this is this is jacks for sharks will forms a dual what seconds bright so i'm just gonna let it and allows us for the tac came title belt.

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