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And that he never woke up after passing out xampp aronie the head chef at chip Brianti dolci in Grand Central Terminal had been missing for nearly a week when his body was found last week in a seedy hotel in elm Hurst Marini is charged with distributing drugs containing fentanyl Newark is speeding up the process of replacing lead pipes Essex County executive joke Deven chains says the county will Lentini work one hundred and twenty million dollars this will allow them to ramp up the program and reduce the time it takes to change every place to twenty four to thirty months residents were originally on the hook for part of the cost but now officials say they will get their pipes are placed for free meanwhile bottled water continues to be handed out as testing continues on lead filters to determine if they're working on Kristin marks for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news the NYP DS topic for trio who rob to Manhattan diamond district store that's a favorite of well known rappers brazen bandits waving guns held up off the only in company on west forty seventh street at noon Sunday tying up for employees and dumping four million dollars worth of diamond encrusted jewellery into a duffel bag Wall Street the Dow up two hundred seventy three points the nasdaq up ninety two and the S. and P. of twenty nine sports the Yankees play the mariners in Seattle tonight and then your forecast for the ram sea monster weather center going up to seventy for tonight's low sixty two same thing tomorrow on Wednesday a return into the low eighties from the red sea monster weather center currently sixty nine in New York seventy in Millburn from the seventy seven W. A. B. C. news desk I'm Sara Lee Kessler next updated two twenty four seven coverage of the all new W. A. B. C. radio dot com W. A. B. C. traffic.

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