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Satisfaction guaranteed that's the core commitment to you call one eight hundred four points today good point dot com for details it's an S. U. V. fire from Marin from the film out about a traffic that's north won a one off to central St rebel traffic is starting to flow through the area still have an injury accident clearing getting into the Dublin interchange east five eighty it's well before for health center mount traffic is now back up to redwood in Castro valley and southbound six eighty extremely heavy from her now all the way down to eighty four where there's an accident involving two cars that both went into the ditch got a new crash reported for south San Jose south on eighty five before union dues to some slow traffic there end of your didn't into San Francisco that's getting heavier and heavier up the incline and off the upper deck out of town there is a bad accident eastbound before Treasure Island traffic is absolutely co Rambha from Cesar Chavez get into the bay bridge traffic was sponsored by extra hot networks extra hop is the cyber security company that modern enterprise businesses rely on to secure the cloud extra hops threat detection and response is ninety five percent faster demo the product and check out customer stories and extra hop dot com KP on KNBR one oh four five and six eight here's my good friends Damon merry at picking a pickle and if you have been to picking a pickle you need to try it put on your bucket list and get out there and have some amazing brisket from picking a pickle now if you're in the mood for amazing barbecue this is your spot.

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