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Welcome to keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley hamda. Fda has full approval of the pfizer. Vaccine okay you wear liars. You can get it now but it wasn't that anyway but you can get it now. It's got to be a big deal right. we'll see. Yeah yeah we will see. We actually can say we'll see and you know what while you're there grab a pack of cigarettes that's fda approved and we can all party with all the fun things that the fda has allowed the universe. Thank you fda. The so important. I was waiting for the approval. But what if you know these weirdoes. They're the people that on election day aren't shy about going. I'm still undecided. What else can you give me a habit. You get shot. We give you one hundred dollars. Maybe i'm interested abbey everything that's going to be everything. Okay i'll do it well or now you're more suspect is now. You're trying to pay me to do it right. So how do i trust that. Sure just keith. Today with you okay. So we're going to get into some. We're going to get into some real shit. Hey how about that. Hurricane did you. You didn't get it too bad. I guess right. No and just the thing i feel like i should have been more nervous about I know he's got an alert on his phone. Saying and it showed the region on the map. It showed us like this is where it's going to be destroying everything in lake. Should we be packing something and You know we have a gazebo in the back. Like is that gonna fly away like. It's the wizard vase or something and it was bad rains. There is a free concert in central park and it was supposed to get vaccinated if you were vaccinated you. Could you could attend this concert. Bruce springsteen elvis costello paul simon you know all the kids are talking about these three nowadays. Paul simon you know you're is not going to this concert at night was caused elo. Yes twenty five year. Old elvis costello will be there when they you're like is going to be a super spreader event. Don't worry is in the middle of a hurricane. There were no problems. They had to cancel it. Okay maybe they canceled because they realize it's too late for the demographic right. i wonder. I wonder if that's availability. Which is probably more likely or is it. That's the demographic that's to give vaccined. Maybe it is it the is it. The newer people with the older people in the inbetween are just like we realize life is just the next thing. So let's get the next thing. I don't know chad. Hayes is beautifully young. i don't know i don't know I'm getting a lot of emails about how lover is not a gird. Good word for somebody you actually love. Isn't that interesting. It's such a wonderful word when you think about it. I'm calling you my lover. The person i love the person. I make love to the person who i shoot my love towards and it's just disgusting and filthy. Who do we blame. I shoot my love towards her all the time all over her. And if that's not love her she tweeted out. Send me she actually. This really happened kyle. you can follow on at o. Cossio kyle quote. Send me a dick pic. Haven't gotten one in a while. I actually got that accidentally sent to assembled personal training. Client not my boyfriend. This'll be an awkward session now. First of all more important than any of this who sends the picks lovers something would say. Send me a dick pic. You're so mistaken. That's so funny. Okay everything you just said about. The word lover explained to me why we're not saying that word anymore. Every time you defined it or said where you're gonna put it unlike yup not still not using that word. That word is just going to have to fall on the side for awhile. It said i wanna love our. Yep that's the tone. I really thought about it. I asked cirque sees. And he's given commie that i prefer not i prefer not either. And it's such a lovely word follow keith. And the girl of course on social media we're under everything with With keith girl and we say make sure you hit like i hope you understand. It's not really. I could see me a person like me out there being like a forty seven years old. You need me to tap your head and go. I liked it. I like you. Are you gonna make it through the day today. Now when you hit like it it shows whatever you just liked to more people. Also it shows you more of the same type of thing. So you're getting more of what you legitimately like. That's why the lakes are important. I don't know if we just look like sad. People like the day please you today let us know we pleased you today for you and to spread the word in general. That's why that's important anyway. I saw on twitter. Somebody's guy. Ed he wrote make eric. Andre the comedian the jeopardy host the prank. Oh and i said you know what i agree but eric andre has to take it seriously so he can smirk accidentally but once he forces a smirk for laughs as head explodes. What do you think of that. I like it. Did you also see the one where I think it was Anthony vito or joe devito factor too many of you out there for the devito's it's the family. The family did really good week and they tweeted Let let oj be the host. He knows about job double jeopardy okay and then and then somebody responded saying at least at least let him give it a stab and the devito family wrote killer. Yeah that sounds like joe for short. New movie is out that i loved and do not recommend now that i'm wondering what words are called the produce today. I like this category. And i think it should be a category on netflix. Or something like a different light button. I liked. But i don't recommend i think that tells the whole story right. Michael keaton who. I love and i can't tell you why michael kina kurt russell are are the poison of music. They're not the best but they're the best.

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