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Lisa Biden on 97.1 Wash. Affect the suffering from hearing loss can mean missing out on the things in life you love most, especially when you may not be feeling is connected to those who matter so visiting your hearing care professional might not feel like a priority. That's why Beltone has taken steps to ensure our office locations are providing safe and sound hearing evaluations. We are cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with Clorox products, one of the most trusted brands in the world, helping you stay close to all the important things and people in your life. So why wait to schedule a free hearing screening? Call your local Beltone hearing center today? 571461 17 70 for a limited time received $1000 off the top of the line Beltone image hearing system. That's right, $1000 off rechargeable hearing AIDS that help you to hear better in noisy environments and stream your favorite music or phone calls directly to your ears. Call 571461 17 70 now Online at Beltone dot com. Clorox product Availability may vary by location. Jay Farner here CEO of rocket, mortgage and rocket companies. Last year, we saw historically low mortgage interest rates. What you may not know is that interest rates are already starting to increase, and it's likely that trend is only going to continue. Our team of experts is standing by to help you save before rates go up. Don't look back and wish that you had taken action. Call 8338 rocket or visit rocket mortgage dot com. Rocket call for cost information and conditions, equal housing under license in all 50 states and MLS consumer access to our number 30 30 at General Motors, we make more than electric.

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