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You'll be talking to Greg. That's how you get involved in the program. If you're nice to him, you get to me. The show is always more fun when you were involved. That is also the text number. Don't ask me how that works to numbers one number two different things. It's all voodoo magic. I don't understand it. But tonight There's no basketball. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Because we needed to break after last night? I don't know if you're starting to panic. It's game one of a seven game series. I tend not to panic right away. A lot of times a team will come in and we're gonna be talking to Justin Garcia in just a few minutes about this, and he will have actual knowledgeable takes. I have the takes of the guy at the end of the bar. That's that. That's all my sports takes. Now, Greg I was reading reading something that you wrote today on the WTMJ website. Because you were you must work with the bucks. Talk podcast. Is that correct? Oh, yeah. I'm the producer that you're the producer Because I was reading here. I was reading your your right up. Are you panicked at all about this? Or is it just Hey, listen. You lose a game? That's okay. Yes, In the last series home court was the big decider in a lot of it, but then the books one on the road for Game seven. So you never know, right? Certainly not panicked. Yet there is a sense of anxiety, but just minimal It would be more Fire if they got like smoked yesterday, But it was the only three point game so there's things to adjust. There's things to fix their obviously not perfect. Just don't have the star player the other team be dropping 45 plus points every game like let's well There's got to be something. Can they throw something over Trey Yunque and, uh, you know, can One of the big sausages from a Brewers game tackle him before the game, and I don't want to permanently injure him. Just, you know, a slight sprain, something that will keep him out a game or two. You know, not that not that the bucks need to win that way, but that's what I would do because you know that's me. But it's uh it was a little frustrating that the Bucks were ahead again in the fourth quarter. They just couldn't finish it off. And then again, Young was out of his mind last night. Yeah, he went nuclear and again. He's going to score. He's going to get his. I think we all know that it's just the adjusting of defending him on the perimeter, right. Don't go under the screen. Try to fight over it. Um, don't need a double team him yet. Watch those floaters as mid game rage deadly. So another scouting report thing for the book. Was that in the first quarter that he or the second quarter where it just he hit like three or four of those just weird floater? It was, yes, it's his cup of tea. He's got it. He's going to use it. It's just with the bucks. Drop defense. Something to adjust. Maybe pop up a little bit not play so deep, but you know They got clicked Appel of the post. He's no pushover, either. So it's It's not going to be easy, everyone there was this kind of. I don't want to say everyone said it because I don't think anyone said it. But there was this sort of atmosphere of well, we beat the Nets. Who can we not be in a seven game series right now? Can they beat the Atlanta Hawks? Of course they can, but it's not going to be in four games is not going to be a cakewalk. Now it's they didn't nobody on the Bucks said it. But just about every national sports monkey was saying that it was a done deal. Basically, that there was no way the Hawks were going to win this and again. It's not like we're in Game five and were in panic mode. It was one game. But they were the Bucks were picked by just about everybody. And I'm you know, I don't Don't know how that weighs on a team. These guys are professional. So I don't know if it if it means anything to them, and it really shouldn't. But if you even if there is that, little that little thing in your head that goes well, everybody thinks we're gonna win, so we must get away and and Even if it costs, you know if it's three shots before you go. Oh, man, These guys are coming. We gotta we gotta play. That might be enough to throw things off a little bit. Yeah, again Pressure him. Mike knows how a team works that being my poodles. There were friends, So I just call him. Mike Aim ik, but it's that's very winnable Series. This is not anywhere over It's gonna be okay. Let's bring it tomorrow night. Yeah, I enjoy your familiarity with big sports personalities in the city. That's you know, you're the guy that we can call and go. Hey, Greg. You know, I know you were over a G John's house the other day. Uh, can you you know, steel or something? Next time you're over there, or can you ask them to cut us A couple promo s Because you hang with that You hang with the people that we all want to hang with man. I'm telling you should see the guest list of the wedding. Yeah. Bob Bucher. Given your fiance away. Is that how big this is going to be? Exactly? Yep. He's walking her down. Wow, this is this is very exciting. Well, listen, I can I can posit all day, but we need to talk to the man who covers the Bucks nonstop for Wtmj and the book's network. Justin Garcia will join us 85561616 20. If you want to text in and question for me to ask Justin, we will talk to him after this On wtmj. The night rolls off. You're listening to wtmj nights on newer Venice Coming this summer, the W TMZ Classic. Our.

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