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The fire Commissioner. Says what. Happened to smarting is very. Rare for the. City the cause of, the fire remains under, investigation meantime three people hospitalized after a fire broke out this morning at an. Apartment building in Naperville firefighters responded about eight twenty five this morning to a call of a. Fire at the building near fifth and Ogden the units residents made it out. Of the building before firefighters arrived friends and colleagues are remembering Senator John McCain today house minority leader Jim Durkin, from western springs paid tribute to McCain in may was involved with both of his presidential campaigns and I will say that's one of the finest decisions I've ever made wasn't easy I think a lot of us know getting somebody on the ballot in Illinois is a real struggle but it was. Worth the effort and his love for Illinois and has many trips. Here is well documented and established McCain will lie. In state at The Arizona capitol on Wednesday which his his birthday fifty years. Ago, this week Vietnam war protesters battled with police outside the democratic national. Convention here in Chicago WBZ m.'s Nancy hardy reports today there was a ceremony remembering what happened half a. World away Christopher Hayes Washington l. James j ROTC cadets and Vietnam veterans read the. Names of some three hundred American service members who died in Vietnam between August twenty fourth and twenty, ninth nineteen sixty eight while protesters were gathering outside the convention in Chicago this is what the whole focus was there's. Other people that are remembering six That's their business minus to remember the military the veterans their families and the police officers Balser and, others thank the. Roughly one hundred Chicago police officers and national guardsmen who were injured in. Violent clashes with protesters fancy hardy NewsRadio. On one zero five point five FM WBZ news. Time three oh. Eight traffic.

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