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The wife glorious comedy make benefit for the people of Kazakhstan. No, it's this is Glenn Close on Jonathan price, and she is the wife of the loved writer, esteemed writer, and but he is very cold man, and it has a secret and she never gets line land and she never gets the the love that she deserves. She is the backbone of his career professionally, I'm personally, and so it's about her. Finally decided that straight. I'm gonna tell I'm not gonna take it anymore. Good. Excellent. I forgot the the writer of the wife. I think it's Meg, but forget Meg. The main. This is in. And so this is driven by powerhouse performance from Glenn Close. Apparently, Bryce also also good, but this is one might well be in contention for this year. I think it says an overview. They could be seventh, Oscar nomination. She's been nominated six times, but never quite. Got it. So this could be a Miller Oscar worthy thing. She's come close. Wow, four stars for the wife. So check it out this week. And as if this week's podcast join us next week for more familiar fund, we'll be joined by a double whammy of Darry to'real goodness. We'll be joined by Paul Greengrass director of twenty two July. That's how how's it to me. We will. You will have seen. Surprisingly, we owe if anyone from venom on the. Why this movie that we. Repeatedly over the last six to eight one absolately. Incredible. Yeah, that's incredible. Six hours before they open in fairness, they sometimes they sometimes do, but that's usually for plot reasons. Maybe. Plot. The plot was an attorney to be okay. Exactly. That could be the great. 'cause we, we said over and over all these people are signing for this film. It's mosses have some what possible reason. Many, many, many Hamilton of cash. What are they go paid in those random notes. Out now, it's too late. Michelle Williams goes to her her money cave, which I'm famous people have in their houses. They have money caves, and she goes right well, now films out time to spend some of my venom Dasche and she opened up the briefcase with the the, the one billion dollars. The golden lights hits her face do like him. Blinking breaking bad, where it's just on a pilot and they just lie back on it and do snow angels. Cash. Yeah, it's proposed. We're probably working Beverly Hills, right? You go into taken Beverly Hills and you're paying ten thousand dollars for something about belt and you just pull out the limo memoranda notes, Nico, that will be acceptable. There's certain parts of New York. I'm pretty sure where that would be legal. Tender. Yeah. Do you get the changing for Robert Lopez currency. Musical composers joke there. Fairly inside baseball. We're also going to be joined on the podcast by Damian Chazelle. So that's a lot of fun. Isn't it? Well, he go, well, the first one. On the focus. If I'm not. I must deduct one hundred points. Now we'll make it up of finals. Thing to do to award yourself points. This was the whole problem with the house system in Harry Potter. They lose a point here at a point there, but then the end of the series because I saved hogwash, it'd be like, puts the Griffin door. It does for the drummer as well. He puts the band is the house that supposed to have won the last minute. He was such a prison. I'm glad he's what. Yeah. Yeah, screw Dr. Every single listener under thirty five. Until it a spacious ikaes until we meet again next week goodbye from James Dyer, goodbye. Goodbye from Ben. Wish I hang on. I've got its from Ben traveler's checks, Travis. Doesn't know what those are. Slip. That's right that you keep in your fanny pack and it's goodbye from Helena. And as for me, I'm off to watch the trailer for creed to which we didn't talk about how we should have because I'm relooking for film. So I must break you. Yes, gave agree to thanks for listening ceilings week by.

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