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Be So just keep that. Thank god that. I was worried about with a sixteen hours. Stay up i was gonna say up nights now. You don't have to worry about any of that. So they saved themselves for marriage right. So ingrid actually wears this white and black sort of accented dress in june was known for. Having kind of an edgy sense of humor that would sort of walk. The line between offensive but charming so ingrid actually sees him in the crowd. He goes over and i he asses kinda tune your qatar and he looks at her dress and goes look you just like a little skunk at which point. She's absolutely mortified. She gets all offended. Jim takes the guitar anyway. Tunes it they take the stage with the rum runners and needless to say they kill it again. They play midnight special. Actually the girl who invented rock and roll and ingrid actually breaks out into an impromptu solo there. I couldn't find a recording of this. I tried guys. I really did if anyone has any recordings this please share them with us. I love to hear it but as soon as it's done. Jim actually goes through the crowd before it's officially announced the rum runners are the winters so jim goes to and says you sounded great. Can we sing together sometime. And they exchanged numbers at this point. It's all kind of hormones and all that stuff and she's absolutely one over by jim because he's a charismatic guy. he's older and she's you know. And this stage the questions start coming out and this is not the first time they'll be friction surrounding the relationship between the two. The instant angered gets home. The question is what kind of name is crunchy. Is he jewish and on the other side. Have gyms family going. Who is this girl. is she italian. So you can see where there might be a little who stormy stormy skies up and he. Isn't that what makes up your family's pretty much. Yeah i mean i love. I love your family emil. Times are fantastic. Oh yeah but they're insane. Also yeah i love it. Plus you throw in anastasia whose greek we love it so we got irish. We got the we have the nanny. We got the jewish. The irish the italian. The greek meals are phenomenal about holidays. Yes and have you have. You had you an icelandic uncle or on only guy yachts at that point. Yes so ingrid did make the fatal mistake of after hearing from jim. She called him and jim's mother picked up the phone heard about three words and hung right up. I am clutching mind. I know right but asked was say. Jim finally phones back and they set a date to play some music where jim arrives wearing a three piece suit. He claimed that he was at his cousin. Patsies wedding not true didn't happen. They start playing some folk songs. Jim actually teaching ingrid songs by bob. Dylan woody guthrie in fact pastures of plenty by what. He is very popular song. They would play. He even did a rendition of cotton. Joe yeah which if you remember was actually a. It was a him i think but it was popularized by the red. Do no no. It's oh no it's not a he'll okay out of him but no yeah. Really listen to what's happening to that song. Somebody's got the climb up and it's a little stuff going. Yeah i'd be married longtime ago. Where did you go to bed. That girl be dirty in the lab about that..

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