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Christopher lowe. Lutely lovely. They lived in my head for so long. And I don't play piano. So I, I came to John and said, John have an idea and this work, and it worked John has John John never says. No, he's the boy, you can't say yes and, and Christopher I feel like you should sing that Chris will be on opening night of the convention October. Eighteenth, maybe she do that. I think it should do that. Yeah. Yes. Have to say I don't recognize you dressed. I started an Instagram account because I'm medium wanted attention. Some pictures at the gym. That's. Well, the radio, MRs so much they do. But Christopher when the MetroStars talent last year, fourteen for example, example, that's why I heard you and I heard that you were this from the app aleisha thing you did Alabama hellbent serve that something that south Matic at your own. I love my people drink your people. And it's Alabama that's in the woods, isn't it? Of north Alabama. He doesn't look like they're sound like that at all doesn't try to not. I figured that's lovely. Thank you. My only wish is that all of these voices on recording one day. Oh, yes. Because we need to be documented such beautiful voices speaking about something being documented. This is produced by Donald Smith. Who founded the Mabel Mercer foundation. He produced the centennial tribute to Kohl's Reuter in nineteen ninety one at Carnegie Hall, and then he took the show to London and it was recorded there. And he'll guard was on that she was star said that was it was a gift to me from Donald talk about gifts from Donald. This is a BBC production. They came to New York to record the seventh annual cabaret offer can give into me onto cassettes by lovely seventh. Nineteen ninety six I was there you were there Barbara we. All there. I'd love to hear this. I'll get to know people here. Yes. And one of the biggest gifts Donald ever gave me is this lady right here. Katie saw. Before you leave to cabaret convention is Tober. Eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one at rose hall concentre and then following there. There's a post convention, crews. Yes, thank you for mentioning that. Yes. Reflect where we're actually leaving New York harbor and going to Bermuda. Betas. All those those, those very expensive places like Saint Thomas right after the yet, and we have Eric, housed Akbar, Fasano, and Carrollton. Buffered another person who came in. I think third, the MetroStars town. She done very well. These runner ups very well to yes. Ladies and gentlemen. KT sullivan. David..

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