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All three don't got probably i'm back next year and they've been they keep you to the net turn around you know he was of guys in here for three years for him and last year you know they they really walk and while the builder recall next year they got the prospect and then i i've been people and at that point you this team the broken bell era and you know i think they i don't wanna and they're crude on all ops but that being said you know i think it's a remarkable accomplishment for them to give up or i think they understand that and and i i think you know whether they would hurt night going to go down and one but that's it an program history tyson great stuff appreciate you coming on board for compliments enjoy the game tonight in this big around the monday to cover another one thank you thank them me on dyson out the or doni and covering the oregon ducks all year long dead the guy who's been just don't called clutch for them and added debate on this earlier and i'd love to get your take on it to because it's just flat out wrong i i truly peele lists but i just think that it's dane cause and tyler dorsey mentioned he had game early this year we had a career high twenty four points think even score let's the next year top fly mcdonald's all american tied prospect decided go to oregon and then i had a will disappointing freshman year had an up and down season each year has been a nice thorn that taught of it yeah i paying that much more attention oregon basketball not at their in the tournament i watch a hand for their games during the year but not every single one of them and doors he's really grab my attention and i've followed a mock draft what the guys who know about who's coming out who's not coming out what nba team to look at it like nobody had him as a potential draftee this year this is a sophomore year nobody dead i talked to college baseball guy earlier today and he said you know kyle adores he would probably be well advise to go back to school and get one more year and show that this porn amid was just a stepping stone that that he's.

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