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Nolan ryan lefty lefty grove and randy johnson by the way if i say to you we're talking baseball here gave me no last name and i say sandy you're going to say colfax right if i say max you going to say sherzer if i say knowing you're going to say ryan it's amazing how that workout is there another famous baseball randy mike i is that odd then all five i did a couple let these that you might go in there but i found that out that sandy max nolan and randy are four the five pitchers to have done such a thing more than once and are known by their first name particularly randy it take there'll be some other payments randy's and baseball snot like that unusual a name anyway i thought that was a curious the connie mack scoreboard i told you this story last night that the phillies body from the yankees and nineteen fifty five i got that story anna that book crash then i'm reading about the sixty four fails when i read it i went online and googled it and found an article talking about it i've a emailer and i'm glad emails me he's very polite saying that that story is an urban myth and when i told them that you know that i got an anna of the book and then looked it up online and there it was he still insisting it that is an urban myth so i'm just throwing it out there for anybody wants to maybe follow up on that i don't know who would want to do such a thing many people bank me for saluting and wilson i did many rock and roll fans do consider her one of the greatest female voices and the history of rock now here's where i was surprised and i said it was going to be the only time that i was going to do this i wind about beach tags last night with one story i told about this woman on the beach with the beach tag as i told this story i said to you that this would be it i'm not going to try out a beach tag story every week for the rest of the summer.

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