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809 41. Sean, If you wanna be a part of the program, we had a call caller last half hour talking about how she has natural immunities. A zit relates to the Corona virus. And is she not? I wouldn't say this is vaccine hesitancy. She's saying that I just checked my antibodies again. What? 68 months later, and I still have a very high level and we were discussing T cell antibodies. I'm talking about that also, um, we keep hearing followed the science. But what have we learned? We learned that the CDC was taking dictation. Policy from the teachers unions. We also learned that well, we, you know, we were all told, Get the vaccine and look life will return to normal. But Joe Biden answers no. I wear for an extra layer of protection fully vaccinated, then a fully vaccinated Joe and Jill Biden outside socially distance. They have their mask on as they enter the home of former President Carter. Meet. The 96 year old former president is 93 year old former first lady. And then what did they do? They take the masks off inside right in front of older people, and they get right on top of each other to take a picture, And then they leave the home again. Socially distance outdoors fully vaccinated, and they put their masks back on. I mean, you can't make this up. And while conservatives air creating vaccine hesitancy? No, I actually believe science I predicted in January of last year. American scientist medical researchers. They will they'll work their magic. I had a lot of faith of them more earlier than anybody else, and now we have three vaccines available again. I urge you to do your research and therapeutics like where General now Kamila Harris. Perhaps in a candid moment, said Cove. It's an opportunity to transform how we live, work and vote here to discuss all of this. Dr Nicole sapphires back with us. New book is out. It's panic Attack playing politics with science in the fight against covert 19. Dr Sapphire. Thanks for being with us, you have been on the program many times in the last year, and I think that Dr Oz now that when he once said on this show that when politics and medicine collide and crisscross politics always wins, That's pretty sad, isn't it? It is pretty sad, especially when you look at the consequences of what's occurred over the last 15 months. Okay, let me ask you specifically down. Nancy Pelosi is currently finding Republicans that are following the CDC mass guidelines. In other words, they're getting $500 fine. If you're on the house for with without a mask. I believe the second fence goes up to $2500. But when you look at what the CDC is telling us that if you're fully vaccinated you Go about your life without wearing a mask. So my question is Why all the confusion Well, actually found, I would have to tell you. I don't think there's confusion there. I think that people are having a really difficult time letting go of the mast. I think that they have begun completely equating the mask to President Trump and people think if they take off their masks all the sudden they're giving into trump. And they just don't want to do that, I think is gonna be really hard for them to take it off. There will be some people who are still afraid, even after vaccination that you know they still don't want to get the virus. And if that's the case, then by all means they can continue wearing a mask as long as they want. You know, mass can help with pollution with allergies. But there should these masked mandates, especially when you have a large body of the population. Having received the vaccine or have natural immunity. The mandates have to go. There's really no precedent for them anymore. So it's really is it a fair statement to say now that We know that that the C D. C was taking dictation from the teacher's union. Is it now safe to say that they weren't following the science, but they were following the politics of coronavirus? Well, I mean, listen, Sean, First of all the CDC, they they've been picking and choosing which data to actually help guide their recommendations, you know, and I find that to be frustrating. Yes, we have. It's become quite evident that the teachers union heavily influenced a lot of their guidelines. I mean, I researched that a lot over the course of the year for my book and so quite opportune timing that just really came out within the last month. But I can tell you what there again continuing to only cherry pick the data regarding the vaccine. They're saying, Dr Fauci himself said, I only feel safe because I'm fully vaccinated. Then you have other people who have re quickly recovered from covert 19, and they have natural immunity. The CDC is ignoring the fact that a study came out in April from the land set a big study. Showing that the protection from natural immunity is about It is equivalent to that of the vaccine, so unfortunately, they're following the science. It's just the science that they're choosing toe Look at which you cannot do if you really want to be bipartisan entity and truly follow, said science, You have to take it all in and not just public popular opinion. By the way, there's a great article in the Washington Examiner today. Trauma for liberals as states Drop the matter Mandate, and people are afraid to take their mask off off very selfishly Comptel. You tell you that in a very strange way, and I'm just glad we're getting beyond this and getting back to normal life, which we need desperately. It did give me anonymity a little bit of anonymity that I realized that I've lost in the course of being on TV 25 straight years. Um, let me ask you this because there are many people that have been trying to pressure me and I was probably going to be inclined to tell people my decision my personal decision. After my research in consultation with my doctor about the vaccination, and then after people were demanding to know, I said, no, no, I'm not going to tell you because I believe in medical privacy. I don't have to tell anybody. But then there's been a push that I should be out, spoken and play Dr Hannity on radio and Tip television. And I have a responsibility to tell everybody to get vaccinated. Now I refuse to do that. But I would be to me practicing medicine without a license. But I do tell people this that take this seriously. It can kill you or you can transmit it to somebody and might kill them. I say that Do your research read, the information is readily available. Says something that Al Gore created the Internet. And there's a wealth of information read opinions you agree with disagree with you can't even look at the clinical trials and all the different studies that have come out. Then I advise people to talk to their doctor and or doctors and medical professionals that they no respect and trust and based on their specific medical issues, whatever they may or may not be Then make an intelligent decision. But regardless think of other people in this whole process. Think of Grandma. Grandpa, Mom and Dad. I am very pro science of very pro vaccine. I'm not. I'm not going to play doctor on radio or TV. Am I wrong in that advice when you're exactly right, And here's the problem that I have right now, and people are demanding to know vaccine status. They're talking about the vaccine passports to live our lives again. I find that that's going to not only further the equity divide but also cause the level of discrimination again. You're continuing to discriminate against the people who perhaps their doctors told them. They shouldn't get it, Perhaps a the contra indication because of an allergy or they've recovered and they have natural immune. Eddie, and therefore they are actually safe. The only thing that we should be looking at is a metric of re opening again is that of the case numbers, the hospitalizations and the deaths, and we have finally gotten to a level that is nearing what we have previously was acceptable level of risk. And yet that it's still not good enough, despite the fact that our percent positivity has hit an all time low. We're below 3%. There is no reason to not just open up to this point. We should not be requiring vaccine passport. If people want to get vaccinated, they can. There's enough supply. And if they don't want to, then that is on them. And therefore, that point it if they want to risk themselves to getting coronavirus, then again, that is them. 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