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Fifty five from the Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots Willie mcginest what's the poop fellow? I'm just hanging out. Let's talk a little bit about what happened in Heinz field. Between the always wondering when that was coming to start the show. I think we should start. There wa wa you know, why move around let's talk. Let's let's talk about the situation at hand up in Foxborough mcginest for real three out of four. They've lost. You know, talking about their password or what just happened in Heinz field. All I know you wanna start there. All I know you're excited about that. But the question I have for you because I knew this was coming are you really comfortable with that win as opposed to what like should I feel like, oh, they got watch. The did you watch the game. And I heard tale of it though. Not the final score. Oh, you watched it. I watch. Did you watch the game? When you were looking at the game. Did you say, wow, Pittsburgh is just playing unbelievable. They just dominated every single phase. Or did you watch the game and said? New England shot themselves in the foot again another penalty another pill. Another mistake that's bad on situational football. Another mistake. I go. I mean, just the multitude. Well, norm. Wondering how you watch the game. You're adamant fan. I I really did feel like the Steelers were having their way largely visibly. Well, even offense of leaving though it wasn't resulting in points. I it felt like they were controlling the game for a long time at least east through the first half. And so yes, I, but it was vaccine because that's what watching the Steelers is because you're watching them against the mighty New England Patriots who have always had their number throughout the century. And the Steelers should win this one, but they're going to give it away because they're somehow not getting into the end zone inexplicably here with my. So you do have a little bit of doubt. Oh, yeah. I've. I'm not I'm not a loon. Of course, those watches. I watched these these teams play each other enough over the last fifteen years to know that it probably is gonna wind up in the patriots over a watch the game. And the one thing that stood out to me is one is still has played well at home, they came together as a unit they pay you predicted they could and would I shouldn't have never gave them that that motivational speech. I know really on you ever get motivational speech. But anyway, thank you for that will. You're welcome. They play complementary football. I thought they ran a ball. Didn't matter who was out there. Like, you said they had it in their mind. They were going to come out, and they're going to run the football one because they needed to to like you mentioned the keep Tom off the field and it worked out perfectly. The pass production wasn't really there. There was they may plays at times. But it wasn't there. When they needed to punch the ball in and score points. I would say that. And they did been had a couple of turnovers. Right. Yes. Okay. So and then was hor-, right? When they were going to put the game away. I fell right. And then look at the defense. And I said, wow, okay. They're doubling gronk. They're making plays where he needed to they stepped up. They play good against a run. They pretty much took the run game away from New England. Has some chunks, but they took it away for the most. Can I tell you something what you predicted is exactly kind of how I I was following your lead. But I did think that that's what the patriots we're going to try to do which is to spin the clock a little bit and control it with Sony Michelle, and they really did try to do that. Specifically in the third quarter. They were really trying to feed twenty-six, and you could see that he was starting to have his way. But it was those holding penalties that was the undoing of the patriot was and when you're behind in time starts to run down at some point. You got to get away from that..

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