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Thursday on the jamie l cowboys push-ups. Let's talk about the week. One that we just saw on sunday and Something i witnessed last night with my own. Two eyes and brockman witness with his own two eyes and mike del tufo witness through his own two eyes and adam callscreener. Who is mike. Del tufo plus one for the season opener. s-o-f-i stadium in two thousand twenty one last night on sunday night football dr bears fan. Who might be calling into his own. Show up too many phone lines that you're supposed to be answering out of at eight. Four four zero four rich number to dial it was the first major maneuver of the twenty twenty one calendar year in the national footballing on a roster and that was the rams all of a sudden acquiring matthew stafford from detroit being the ones to take matthew stafford out of detroit after matthew stafford asked for his exit visas and was granted them by the detroit. Lions front office and ownership and it was the rams who did their usual less need aggressive. Maneuvering we'll figure out the cap we got it. We'll figure out what we're gonna do. We got it. We'll figure out the nose and the ramifications we got it. We'll figure it out but we see a player we won't we're gonna go get him k. Just like they did with ramsey jalen ramsey. They're like warren. we'll get him. He's available from jacksonville. We'll take them. I will send a whole bunch of pics. We'll figure it out later on down the line. We what we got third fourth fifth round. Pick still great. We'll turn that strana gold. We got it. So they're the ones who sent off to detroit with first round picks saying we'll take matthew stafford after a dozen years and the conversation all offseason lung certainly here. certainly from. This chair was big. Move game changing potentially franchise altering move and the thing. That really got me as the check. Mark on that of believing in it was when i heard cow shannon was also grinding tape on that that could have been the first move for the forty niners to figure out what they're gonna do with jimmy g. or post jimmy g. was to go ahead and get rid of jimmy g. potentially right on spot random spot and go get matthew stafford and his first game in los angeles three hundred twenty one yards twenty twenty six throwing three touchdowns no picks distributing all over the place and then going up top. Going up top to cooper cup on top to vent jefferson going up top throwing it in all different manners. Run game. checkmark daryl henderson. Seventy rush yards. Touchdown also caught a ball. It was just spectacular. And i will say this for the rest of the league coming through. There is a new jewel in the sports landscape and it is called stadium in inglewood california just up the road from lax. Just across the street from nfl network was not there in the nineteen seventies. When don rickles frank sinatra palling around with jack youngblood in the coliseum is not there. I was not there in vince. Ferragamo was making it to the super bowl and then showing up on hollywood squares. I wasn't there. I would prefer to say this. Even those old schoolers who were there and the coliseum in the seven and i will definitely say this because i wasn't there in anaheim either when the anaheim rams were there before they moved to saint louis but in terms of the los angeles rams. I've been there in the la colosseum when they came back. And i was there last night. I will proffer to say this. And i'll take phone calls at a four four two four rich number dollar those who might have been in the l a coliseum in the seventies sixties and the four horsemen were patrolling. I think last night was the greatest homefield advantage. The los angeles rams if ever ever enjoyed that building is so deafening and so loud that even the small when you're looking at the entire building section of bears fans that were in one end zone. They were extremely loud when the bears did something positive which didn't happen too much last night. We'll get to that in a second but it did on occasion. That building is loud and that building for super bowl is going to be off the charts. And the rams have gotten to major new additions. One is a franchise quarterback appears to be the perfect vessel for their manic brilliant. Thirty five year old head coach. Thirty-five not necessarily even in sean mcvay okay appears to be the perfect vessel for what mcvay wants to do offense. No yeah but the other that they've acquired is at building and the fans there and whose house rams house stuff and that oculus. That's above the field. Which is this oval. Which is the scoreboard. That gets people fired up. And you're looking at it. Beware the rest of the nfl. Where you've been in the the you finish the rams last couple years and then now it's a different ball of lax and look out for the rams and the rest of the nfc west which also won every single game all three other ones on the road including the cardinals will get to not only in a moment but later on in the show and cliff kingsbury. The cardinals had coached joins us after their beatdown of the sentece. Titans in tennessee down beaten. 'cause in the same way that stafford lived up to the hype. Julio jones going to tennessee where you know we'll see eventually but yesterday was just i think. Jailer jones just had another sack of ryan. Tannehill like just now in something. We'll talk about over the three hours of the show. But i do want to talk to you about the bears. Because just fields came in last night and scored a touchdown first touchdown of the season for the chicago bears. As a matter of fact put in the end zone Actually he put it in the end zone after montgomery did. Who's terrific. this kid. david. Montgomery is a spectacular running back and he could be a difference maker at the position. He showed it last night when he ripped off a forty yarder. When the building was gone. Totally crazy. I was talking about this home. Field in so-fi stadium. Montgomery rip one off and he was running it at will against aaron donald and the rest of that defensive front last night at will and i can only imagine if justin fields has that ball in his hands. And you don't know if it's him or montgomery that has it. That would be a particular weapon at the bears disposal. That could come in much demand. Certainly when they've got an offensive line that can't pass protect. And i know that's the reason why i think matt nagy is not putting justin fields out there just yet but as i told him matt nagy himself that if when he came on the show after drafting justin feels. I told him he's not going to have the time to sit him all season long. I told him he's plan was. We're gonna do what i saw. Andy redo with patrick mahomes which is sitting all season long.

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