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Good character guys. Right. Fant falls into that. So why are we then led to think that okay? He might not be the best blocking tight end out there. But given the type of person he is why wouldn't he work his fanny off to get better. That's what he's asked to do. I mean, we have to be a little bit more nuance and a little more a little smarter about the player and person you're getting and it's possible that he has a higher ceiling as receiver TJ Hopkinson. Because of that thing that you can't. Coach the speed that has at four five, and it's not just time speed in the underwear Olympics as John FOX to call it. It's gained speed as well. He gets down feeling a hurry. Well, it's funny that you bring that up because John said that that he plays fast on the field and one of the next sandy Isabella talking to combine been voted senior bowl wasn't. He's not track fast and won't run a good time. But she certainly did. But that doesn't always translate on the field he plays quicker than faster his bell does in terms of lateral quickness than straight line speed. I'm super excited. See how rich gang Gorell moves around the field real real opportunities to put them all over the place. I mean, can you imagine what this team can look like in the red zone inside the ten yard line with Cortlandt Sutton on one side and Noah phantom, the other and you could split him out you complaining, but well, that's what traditional title. We're we're we're working with a lot of really really interesting formations for the Broncos on the offense of side of the ball. And oh, yeah. Don't forget a Pro Bowl running back in the backfield. That you might be able to dump the ball off to out of the backfield. So there's just there's so many different ways. And that's the thing is you you had versatility. And the presentation of your offense today. Somebody the Broncos have really not had they've had guys that can get separation, but it doesn't really matter because very easy to key on the Broncos added a guy that's going to give them versatility. And give them ways to give different looks. And that's something that just don't forget about DeJean Hamilton's, especially if you've got court with Sutton Noah fan going to the end zone, and you've got filled Lindsey coming into the flat on one side, and you have day Sean, Hamilton doing that quick five yard dig and getting opened underneath and finding a when you're facing zone coverage in the red zone. I in turn around gets five more yards and he's to the end zone. There are possibilities today. Because of Noah fat for everyone on the offense that did not exist at five o'clock this afternoon. Ten twenty four on KOA NewsRadio an orange and blue seven sixty. We are. Live at you. See how training center for coverage of the twenty nineteen draft. The Broncos select tight end Noah Fant out of Iowa with the twentieth. Overall, pick they traded back from ten to twenty with the Pittsburgh Steelers also picked up the fifty second overall pick in that deal, which is a second rounder. And then also a third rounder next year. So they get a dynamic player at a position of need. We'll see how that works out. Once he gets in and starts acclimating himself to the offense BK. I know we're going to sneak in a break here soon. Believe gonna listen to Dave Logan chat with no fan. But we were at least kind of loosely monitoring what's going on in Kansas City with the tyreek hill story in the news coming out there a tape released of a private conversation between he and his fiancee, we'll just like John Elway address the media. The chiefs didn't have a first round pick. But Brett beaches at least been quoted by Casey TV five Danny Walney, also their sideline reported as TV there and Brett beach GM says we're deeply disturbed by what we heard. And be concerned. I imagine that the Johnson county DA in Johnson county Kansas there were tyreek hill lives. Just there on the south side of Kansas City. In fact, that's where the Broncos stayed many years when they've traveled to Kansas City, they stayed in Johnson county. I imagine they're going to say about this. We will see it as it unfolds. And I know we're talking about guys being added to teams, let's not be surprised if maybe even by tomorrow, but certainly by the end of the weekend if tyreek hill has been subtracted from team in may not be back in the league for a long time if ever well that also becomes a point where Kansas City nice to start thinking about wide receiver here. Very very soon. Good ones coming up. I mean, deebo Samuel sky like in the second round quite a bit obviously K Metcalf didn't make it into the first round of the traffic might my top two guys palace back here for a moment. I picked Hollywood Brown to the top wide receiver off the board. You've been on months. I got to give you a tip of the cat. Who cares? Have you done? Run forties run at the combine. I'm still. Showed enough in college. Oh concern about the list. Frank tough to come in one hundred and sixty six pounds kief pick twice there at around. They might very well. Take a look a wide receiver coming up just wanna mentioned something programming note for tomorrow, of course, will be walking all the way up with you and Justin all wait till five o'clock when we start our coverage of day two and we're expecting a press conference around four thirty ish from Noah fans, speaking with the media, so just we'll carry that live fairly. I flown from national Denver. It's like an hour and a half flight. I guess they're gonna let him sleep in. And join the time they're going to Tim McGraw concert tonight after the after the draft and enjoying the draft of this family. They should wait Haskins on NFL network. I guess he did not drive over to Redskins park tonight. He'll just probably catch a limo in the morning saves money. Yeah. No need to get him a plane ticket back to back today. Two of the NFL draft at this is a really really fun time of all drafts. Because some of these guys now now John Elway may have said we don't have any more day one grades on guys here on our board coming today to well. Okay. That that's fine. But let's also just acknowledged that for a lot of teams there are day one prospect level of players here. Especially in the first ten to fifteen picks of the second round. I mean there guys we talked about it decay Metcalf. Nazir Adderley Dalton reisner are just today. A few depending on where you had Jalen. Ferguson Makia chase winner which is. Another guy that I think I've seen a few first round rock yachts. And there's just there's a lot of talent here in those first picks. And again, don't forget about drew lock. Now as I think there's gonna be some interesting jockeying to get drew lock. And how does that ultimately affect the trade for Josh Rosen second rounding it's really good players. But going back all time not that many hall of famers from the second round. In fact, ninety four was the last second rounder. Larry Allen, drew Brees, certainly will be added to that. A second rounder, and rob gronkowski is a second rounder Thurman Thomas second rounder breath, far famously a second rounder Michael Strahan in the second round. Rickey Jackson how he long Andre Tippett speaking. How long Chris long or Kyle rather had a great tweet said we would have been if dad wasn't such a scrub? We would have had a dad into kids in the first round because he and his brother Chris Kyle going in the first round third rounders in the hall of fame in recent years Curtis Martin and ninety five will shields in ninety three Aeneas Williams Ninety-one Russ Grimm. How about Joe Montana? He was in the second round. Maybe. Drew lock follows drew Brees. And Joe Montana's Brett Farr path or I'm sorry. Third round. Jackie Slater and third round. Dan thousand third round Russell Wilson is early. But he's on that phone fish. No question. Interesting quote here. This is a being tweeted out by the by Kimberly Jones of the NFL network. This is from New York she's covering the tonight said after drafting Daniel Jones giants head coach Pat Shurmur said he told Eli manning, quote, it's your job to keep this guy off the field referring to Daniel Jones. Oh, by the way, they're number six overall pick and the coaches telling you lie keep him off the field. Well, it's a weird situation. And I think that's the right thing to do. But you have Dave Gettleman saying all these glowing remarks about ally manning leading up to the draft and saying things like well you saw last year. How good he could be. He clearly proved everybody proved us all right or I might being. League starting quarterback. People are just so confused. Did he think he was throwing smokescreen about quarterbacks? We all felt like we knew that. They were going to target a quarterback. It was funny when he talked to Kim Jones after noon, he said, we're gonna take two starters tonight in the draft and she goes out of quarterback. And he goes no because quarterback won't start. Then he takes six straight up lied to her in that regard. They then add their two star starter. So he was talking sides of mouth real question to Pat Shurmur looking at hang on. We'll want to get to the question after the break. We wanna get to know a fancy interview with Dave Logan will get to be case question. But we need a time out full coverage of the NFL draft at you see how training center on KOA NewsRadio and orange and blue seven sixty. I'm ready.

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