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Who go seek medical attention media the. There's no reason to way Oscar. But that's not what Dr Anthony Fauci has often said. And he even mentioned this in his interview with Steph. Curry is somewhere right. Now gets flu. Light centers of fever aches and bit of off. The first thing you do is stay home. Don't go to emergency room because then you might be affecting his own with a physician a nurse or a healthcare provider yet instructions from that what to do and if available you can get a test but the critical issue is don't flood the emergency rooms. Stay at home. If you really are obviously seriously ill then you gotta go quickly there. But if you just have aches pains and fever stay where you are the contact your physician just curious about your thoughts on the potential for athletes trying to do good. And maybe you know involuntarily or accidentally spreading misinformation. They need to be careful. It's interesting because you can watch these videos from all these different athletes it's going to be a PSA type message. Somebody jumps on twitter. Instagram and an athlete tells you to wash your hands. Keep your distance and that's positive and we've been talk a lot about the value of that but you can also tell that you know in. This is a good thing that they've they've been coached. They've got somebody in their ear telling them what to say telling them what's right and what's wrong from a medical standpoint. But you're going to have slip-ups Lebron James was talking about covert nineteen and was telling everybody to stay safe and take care of themselves but he kind of had a passing comment about how you know if he was a kid growing up in a tough neighborhood in Akron Ohio that his mom would not be here in this stuff about staying in a big show as out of my house gave him nerves in normal times. It's maybe a charming relatable story but right now that's not a good message to send out so these guys and these women to have to be careful. You WANNA HELP. But you can hurt if you say the wrong thing. Suzanne what are your big takeaways here? About the role that pro athletes can and do play in the public response to this pandemic. The days of you know of of families cozying up to the the television. The like it was in the sixties and seventies are over. The information is coming at you on. Your phone is coming achy through a million different channels and I just think it's productive and positive to have the right message coming from a bunch of different places not politicians People who basically Americans have come to enjoy and no through sports and those guys are are helping the cause right now. We'll say thanks so much for joining us and go boo those sons ears off the video games. Exactly how try thanks for hanging there be safe? You can follow Sam Amick coverage of the NBA at the Athletic Dot Com. Here are some other stories. We're following at the lead. Speaking of athletes trying to help out former knicks. Point guards to Marbury has been attempting to set up a deal to get ten million and ninety five mass to New York from China at a heavily discounted price. Marbury became a basketball icon in China after his NBA. Playing days were over and the forty three year old is now coach in the Chinese Basketball Association. He told The New York Post quote at the end of the day. I'm from Brooklyn. This is something that is close and dear to my heart as far as being able to help New York as of Sunday evening. It was unclear if Barbara's proposed deal to deliver the masks would come to fruition. Meanwhile news broke over the weekend. That Knicks owner James Dolan has tested positive for corona virus. The team made the announcement last night on twitter. The Knicks say that Dolan has been in self isolation and has little to no symptoms and will continue to oversee business operations sixty four year old is the first owner of a major. Us professional team with a known positive test and the football world is mourning Orlando mcdaniel and Bobby Bare Senior. Who both died over the weekend. Due to corona virus mcdaniel who played football and ran track at LSU was a second round pick the DENVER broncos in nineteen eighty two and played three games for the team that season. He was fifty nine years old. Bobby bare senior was the father of former. Nfl quarterback. Bobby a bear who had an eleven year career in the NFL for the Saints. Belkins a bear credits. His father for being quote the reason I made it in the NFL and in an appearance on wwl radio in New Orleans on Friday prior to his father's death he became emotional talking about his dad's battle with Cova nineteen. Bobby's certainly well said and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Certainly your father appreciate that. He's been a big part step away. Mark with their senior was eighty one years old. That's it for today. Everyone thanks for listening from wondering and the athletic. I'm under skelter and I'm Cathy Davidson see.

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