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Is America's trucking network with run the way with day. All yeah. That's me, an RV. John man, judge une-. She's on the replay there in FOX, if she just had a good opening monologue backing Donald Trump. So you need to get some more info and some new material. That'd be good place to do it. Hopefully, maybe DVR did or whatever. But hey let's get back to the phones. I've got deady Bopper coming to hold onto the Boppard. Let me talk to Tyler he's been hold on longtime Tyler you wanted to respond to something. But the American Eagle is talking about. Yeah. I say pre brother. Yeah. And I mean great points on all, but one thing he mentioned, in particular that stood out the tax and accounting, the about usually three to four hundred individual tax returns per year. Probably around. I'm gonna get eighty two hundred small business returns and a picture, the it's sort of, like if you're in a classroom, everyone types attached. You get an A on that test. And well, the professor says, I'm going to lower your great just see because Johnny in the back made a D. And we can't have that. So everybody has to be on the same. I mean, the more you do the more the better you do. And I'm going to guess American Eagle has probably higher tax brackets, because it doesn't take huge amount of income to get there. I mean if somebody is single and they make I'm rounding here, but about thirty nine thousand or higher. That portion of income that they make about thirty nine thousand is taxed at twenty two percent and of course some higher, and that's just the federal and I mean you see small business owners shit. I mean they get hit with federal I mean they get hit with. I mean because for every employee, they pay social security Medicare taxes that, that hasn't with help from their checks. They have to pay that exact same amount. So there's a I mean amounts there, then you have federal unemployment stayed on employment. I mean some I mean, depending on the profession, I mean sales taxes and I mean it's all just I mean I mean local. I mean the city I'm in Ashley get two percent payroll fat. I mean all just just how. And I mean, the more successful you are the more. I mean the more you get hit. Well, hey, what what do you think? Tyler did you hear the latest story about the communists that runs the New York City that the Blasios now he wants to run a United States? He's out there trying to shake down small businesses. He wants everybody to pay all their employees, regardless of their part time or full time or whatever, give vacation time, they've served this and deserve that. I mean what do you think about that? Comrade out there ordering small businesses. A lot of business can't afford to do a lot of that. Oh my gosh. I have not heard at this point. But I mean the small businesses. I mean a lot of them right now we're getting kit. I mean, they're just getting over that. I mean, the teeth of ObamaCare that sunk in. I mean. That's right. That really hurt small businesses no doubt about that. Of course, the media won't portray that, but I can pay for fact. I mean they talk about all the time, the democrat politicians over there in Columbus Ohio, they're raising taxes sky high. Then they get their little special groups that have shaken down people that's going to get tickets for a bunch of different events and a new seven percent tax to fund their group. Of course, I think they're like nonprofit where they pay themselves. You know multiple one hundred thousand dollar big salaries and stuff. Call himself nonprofits or whatever, but they get all that money, right? Back into funding take care of them. But I mean yeah, the so the democratic politicians they have a way to taxes, span taxes span, and it's always the hard work in middle class, type people. Yes. And. Especially and the thing with Kentucky that I mean, we're I'll live. A week. There's a cap on sales tax. We're not going to see many communities and active. I mean how high on the other hand I mean. I know I think Cincinnati I haven't seen. I think Cincinnati was two point one or two point five percent on the payroll. I believe, and I mean, and of course Columbus. I mean, a lot of these bigger cities. I mean, many of which are democrat, Ron. It's getting harder and harder to with just all the taxes that are hitting it. I mean, small business owners. I mean they're just kidding. Right at right now. I mean, I've Meyer anybody who would step in. Not like run a small business. Well, I in, in somebody and of course, I think that some of the Democrats squawk about it the big wealthy millionaires are always campaign donors to the Democrats, sometimes put Republicans, too. But seemed like they get all the tax breaks the corporate welfare, but you very seldom ever see any real small businesses get the tax breaks. They used to get in the past. Right. And I mean I mean wealthy. I mean, we're hacked, I think back in the nineteen forty I mean they were taxed as high as one night in percents. I mean, once their income reached a certain level, that number. Yeah. Well, that's, that's probably why they shipped all their money overseas, as little tiny islands stuff like add tax havens as they call it so nuts. Very insightful. What you're saying. Well, that's why you know, Donald Trump actually said he wants to do some more tax relief in make it strictly aimed at the hard work and middle class. But course Pelosi and her crowd, they're congress. They got no stomach for that, because they need more and more money, and they wanna ship all that money, the sanctuary cities. Well, I don't know. There's stories you could probably look it up online, the communist governor out there in California, now wants to call it a vacation state for anybody who wants to kill babies come on out there, and they're gonna hook me up. And, you know, you give you get all the eagles could get free healthcare and bright free vacations. And you got another guy running for president deserve as you get a thousand dollars cash stuck in their pocket and they could go out and buy some more drugs or party or whatever the hell they want to use it. So I mean these Democrats are all about spending everybody else's money except their own. Yes. And I mean it. I mean and Trump's tax plan his original plan. I believe I think if I remember right. It was ten fifteen and twenty five percent with the four tax brackets. And I know that the ten percent is the lowest frac federal level. And I don't think it's been below ten percent since nineteen forty one so I mean, if that can continue to push things like that. I mean you mentioned like dollars French. I mean, in that, and universal basic income is a frightening thing. And it's becoming more and more accepted to those of you watching or listening and may not know what that is. That is. I mean, pretty much you get a check in the government, no matter what. And. One thousand dollars cash compliments, your democratic presidential candidate and stuff. And of course, it's all money. I mean, we're already into poorhouse anyhow, all that money to China, you know, Bama random country and he called Bush unpatriotic for running up the dead, then he turned around and ran up higher than all the presidents combined. Yes. And I mean that was a scary. Thing. And I mean you see, I mean more I mean, it's I mean we have to run out of money at some point. Hopefully it is, you know. Too soon all down the line. But I mean, I hate to say it, but, I mean, that means everybody's kids are going to be paying this thing. But, you know, these college kids, they go get an education nowadays. And I think it's only about the worth the papers written on because they got no idea what the hell's really going on behind the scene. I can't tell you how many young kids now that come out here, mostly women too, and I got two young daughters. But they think this fake Indian polka Hannah's warn is a greatest thing since sliced bread in. They don't know what she stands for anything like that. But I mean it she stands up there and lies and lies calls Trump everything under the sun. Of course. She's one of the ones that we're all bunch of. Hey, hey, seed Hicks out here, deplorables, and smelly WalMart shoppers, and blah, blah, blah. But, you know, these young favorite brainwashed by her phony rhetoric. I mean it's easy to do when you promise the farm and you know, you're not have to pay for college. Not available pay for healthcare, you're not going to be able to pay, you know thousand dollars in your pocket for this. And that I mean, no wonder they turn around and support somebody like the fake Indian. Yes. And I mean schools are I mean, I remember being not that can politics until I got into college right? I mean, and I wasn't even a Republican. Right. Why, why all the professors, it's like I mean so many of them. It's all the same thing, tolerance and open mindedness, and all this junk, and I mean, they actually try to use that. And of course, you prevent, I mean, I remember I was I actually was very big on that. Paying in different from odd and professors all quick shout them down. And I'm not. Well, that's what she call class warfare. And the Democrats. Well, let's let you fly because I take another break these other callers on here. So thanks for calling in, in talking man. Okay. Okay. Thanks. Thank you. Okay. Let's go ahead. David, we'll take a short break right, here America's trucking network. Trucking network coal Kassir passing Tyler Rettig with the lead on the last quarter of the last lap to win. Saturday's extended erase it overtime at Pocono raceway ready pants Custer on the overtime restart with Custer chased him down riddick's car that drifted up the track on the final corner of the last lap giving Custer the chance to get five for the win chase Brusco. Wound up third. Ryan freeze fourth and Christopher bell finished fifth. William virus scored his second consecutive topping the field for Sunday's Cup raise the Pocono, four hundred in Pennsylvania. Byron wins the poll that one hundred and seventy three point four nine four miles an hour. It's Byron third pole of the season his career. He has started on the front row in three of the past four points races. Kyle Busch rolls off second on Sunday, followed by Clint Bowyer Eric Jones and Brad Keselowski into top five. Denny hamlin. Kyle Larson Jimmy Johnson Daniels Juarez in Austin Dillon round out the rest of the starting top ten Sunday at Pocono. Oh, Joseph, new garden, one an accident filled race number one, the Chevrolet Grahn free in Detroit for the NTT IndyCar series, Saturday, which was condensed into a seventy five minute time race after severe weather delayed the start by over an hour in the motor City, New garden hose off pole-sitter Alexander Rossi over the final green flag run of twelve and a half minutes to take his second victory of the season to Kuba Sada was third. Feeling Rosenquist was fourth followed by Ryan hunter Ray, it'd be five hundred vendors Simon finished six Graham Ray hall. The seven willpower.

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