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Now, the original torch has been sitting in the base of the statue since it was replaced during renovations thirty years ago, but not everyone who visits can get into the base to see it says, Stephen Brig, anti he heads, the statue of liberty Ellis Island foundation. We're moving the original torch from the pedestal to the new museum. So that every one of the four and a half million people come here here can have their opportunity to see it up close the torch was carefully extracted and carded on a specially designed flatbed truck. One hundred yards to the museum which will open next spring. Warren levinson. The president answers questions in the Russia probe. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP newsman asked a series of questions, I've answered them very easily President Trump says, although he is answered Robert Muller's questions they will still have to be reviewed by lawyers before he submits them, the president heads to California tomorrow to survey wildfire damage this evacuees excited, I think. Courage. He's going to help us. Fire officials have just announced that more than a thousand. People are now reported missing in Butte county, the house has passed a Bill to drop legal protections for gray wolves which would allow ranchers to shoot them. They are still digging out in the northeast. New Jersey's governor Phil Murphy apologizes for impassable road came much stronger and hit us harder than any one or any organization had forecasted stocks closed mixed with the Dow gaining one hundred twenty four points. I'm Jacky Quin more news right after this. Is Ron Don. Somebody. Alexa, play hits from Queen. Okay. Amazon music. A voice is all you need get tens of millions of songs..

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