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Admitted he never even bothered to watch all the videos. He knew what he knew. And that was enough. What's so interesting about the coverage of Friday's venues was how much of it mentioned something called privilege, Alex Krantz, who's an editor Gizmodo, for example, wrote this from elementary school through college. I went to school was sheltered upper middle class, white, boys. You could devastate with a smirk. A facial gesture that weaponized their privilege infuriatingly. You can't fight that ethics Mark. With a punch or words. We saw that is Trump's smirked his way through the election. And we'll see it as that boy from Kentucky's friends family and school protect him. I f ING hate that smirk and says, I'm richer. I'm white and I'm. Guy. Let me let me. I want to the reason why I'm playing this is because I think Tucker Carlson did an amazing job of of of of time wining and explaining how the left will do anything they can to even destroy children. This is what they do. And they do it very well. They don't check facts because the kids had maga- hats. They were white. They were evil. They were Catholic. They were standing up for life. They go to a rich white kids school this screamed, white privilege it fit their narrative. And even after it comes out that they're wrong. Even after it comes out that this is absurd. Even after all of it happens. They don't apologize. They refused to apologize. Five three five nine seven three to five three five nine seven three two or even more on this coming up, it's event Ferguson show six hundred and ninety two point one FM. This report is sponsored by the Exergen temporal scanner thermometer. Our hands up don't forget that we do some sewer. We're going on. I believe this is the last week that this will happen. This is Mississippi boulevard between Danny Thomas and Lauderdale street so watch out for that. And we're still dealing with those two disabled vehicle first Sam Cooper boulevard near mendenhall..

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