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Government of ones at that point in time now granted grant when you allow people to have more of their own money and allow them to invest it and allow people do what they want with their funds that in turn will increase this tax revenue down the road the cbo doesn't score things that way they don't so basically do you think that you're gonna get tax cuts or do you think it's going to be something else called tax reform because that's what they're really talking about they're calling it tax reform what types reform is is there just it's these people in power are looking to move things around as raziq a game of hide the taxes hi the taxes they don't want to decrease the amount of money that is coming in washington dc they don't want that at all these are all big government guys they want their money and they need their money they are all powerful in knowing so don't listen to any of the garbage out there that you're going to get any sort of tax cuts somebody's going to pay somebody is going to pay though no who it's going to be someone is going to get whacked at this why it is what it is that's what they're gonna do they may try to hide it in some way shape matter form but who you're trying to kid did you think that they're entered these interested at all in reducing the size of government now now added that's not what the swamp wants that's not with the establishment once they like their power they like the way things are right now and the ambiance emphasis gusted as you should be too you should be thoroughly disgusted by the events that this past we are debts y'all occurred are we got ways the debt ceiling because that's just what we do it's the right thing to do you know what every single denied that that that the sad thing about as they call it a debt ceiling or a debt limit there's no such thing because they raise it every single time it's it's not hard if he actually had honesttogoodness people really gave a darn about the country there in washington dc to get our fiscal house in order now more than ever people we need not any we need term limits but we need a balanced budget amendment we need to get these people under control you know what you need to.

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