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Inside scoop to the left hand couldn't get it up as good by July mortgage. You gotta go roll around the whereabouts pop for his thirteenth four. Thirty six thirty one taught stay with a ball and the league burden visit outside the big Duffy for a long when he misses this one on the rebound. Gotta go long out of bounds at Indiana will have it. Nobody was rebounding. They're for Wichita state. And boy is Gregg Marshall upset I'd be to Indiana's fortunate that nobody from the shockers went for that offense rebound, Indiana blocked out. Well, but nobody went for that boss defensive rebound. Was there to be had Indiana was not going? I'd have ball bounce two or three times before it went out of bounds. Lucky for the hoosiers that nobody can Wichita state was going after their offense to go out. The Nikkei sits down that's who draw marshalls upset with the jarred comes into replacer. Here's rob off to Al Durham Durham slides gets it outside Justin Smith, not dribbles to the top back off the John. He comes left side of the montage green Bass's, given go to John and he can't catch up to it. Now the turnover will belong to Wichita state. And I pass it was there just a little fumble the ball by Morgan normally that's one he corrals gathers himself and goes to the basket extremely aggressively. I like the pass by devante that was good. Seven turnovers apiece. Dapper these two ball clubs. Here's mitt guard with the ball outside bakes, the past gives it up to Burton is burdened brings it back on the dribble to the left now back to the right? He comes gross at the corner to Dennis for three and he knocks about extra Dennis another great point shooter. He's only got two baskets of this game. But bulldoze reporters and now thirty nine thirty one of the leaders eight for what Utah straight into the hands of Al Durham slides to the left side. Throws it out the Justin Smith. Smith rebels to fantasy fantasy takes it. The land little push shot off the glass. No got his own rebound and takes it back outside and devante for a long free. It's off the Mark to and out of bounds. It'll belong to Wichita state. Good luck little Keith there. But that's the look you want wanna turn off its breed on. Rather than force that shot middle lane kick it back out to a guard spot for free. I think a little slow getting his feet set. Their closet closing up to three point line here on the left side is Burton with the basketball tomorrow burden on the dribble. Takes it to the free throw line and throws it out of bounds. And that upsets Gregg Marshall to and that's going to get Eric stated Sonam a floor fighting a bigger deal that you mentioned it is a little hobbled right now looks like he twisted his ankle in that first half. Maybe it's come out here in the second run-off, it's a knee or ankle. But he still even after two and a half minutes at the second half still working on his lower legs. Thirty nine thirty one. Here's rob gonna see below basketball, Indiana, down eight Tennessee gets it back from devante now dribbles to the tops. Grows it right to Al borough Durham, hands off to the Monte great Jenny brings it back to the top slice it left into the lane rose up a rotter and. Looks like we're gonna go in. But it did. Six points for the day. Green thirty nine to thirty three. Another one of those all my yes. A pass down low to mid guard on the base live love the back outside the Dennis then backup coach Derek. Stephen. Shop window the lane. Throws it outside the Dennis Dennis slides into the lane throws up for water and got it. The foul algebra Moby. Nail by metal be his seconds. Exter- Dennis is a strong, physical freshman, very similar body type fit is he just when it comes to his just looking like an athletic well-built guy about three to four inches taller than rob. Tennessee has a really aggressive straight line drive to the basket. He started out here with a three in the second half. And that an one off author really start to the Wichita state shocker. And a free one is no good. But mid guard handle the ball for a second. And then devante green. And Gerard Morgan rip it away from them. Here's Justin Smith the other way. Scoops it up, Mr.. Why black bear Archie Miller wanted a foul, but no call forty one thirty three and Wichita state with an eight point Luke is James Jones. Dribbles to the right. Actually, the left tries to move gives it outside a dentist for another three. Try. This one's off the Mark mid guard comes up with the rebound, and he is fouled the blood. This will be called on Jon Morgan and that will be John's her spot of the ball game guard at seven hundred seventy pounds on. Great position underneath the basket. Indiana's to on more than just a little under size. Not able to move them out from the pain netball perfectly to MIT guard. No chance to. The line. Fires up the first one and backs off the back of the room. He has a Chandler. Who shot to earlier hits the back of that rim. Not really close. Mid guards. Not a great free throw shooter at fifty eight percent. The agit averages just to a three point nine points the border. He has a big boy inside and he knocks down that free. Throw his third point of the contest it's forty to thirty three and Indiana's down nine down by as many as eleven in the first half back across the timeline. Fitoussi little ball takes it to the top left side of circle gives out to Justin Smith, he feeds. Al Durham Durham tries to get inside doesn't goes down low of the past Giradi works on puts it up and got it. Nice move by July. Morgan's had got fifteen points down had a really nice ball game four against their big. He's been tough forty to thirty five here Stevenson apps. I pass comes to mcduffie mcduffie drives on Smith pulls up. Throws it back outside Torres Torres enter the ballgame drives it to the top of the key bed. Dumps it in the mid guard down. He got the shot the role in mid yard pass is part of the ball game. And it's forty four to thirty five nine point lead for Wichita state, fifteen twenty four to go plenty of time. But Indiana's gotta start Meghan masters and getting stops is off the Durham inside a Jon Morgan, she's been Indiana's biggest authentic threat in every way off to Durham for its retry. And this one's no good. The rebound has tapped out to Ricky Florez and Torres comes away with it from Wichita straight Torres with a basketball to the top takes it to the left with the dribble toros slides it back to the right against devante kicks at MacQuarie mcduffie back outside the Stevenson Stevenson holds with fifteen of the shot clock. Now takes it pulls back right with a faster mcduffie for a long three. Try. It's off the Mark. And the rebound. Devante. Green vacuums Indiana. Luger's need to get a bucket here to get things rolling. Again. Here's devante matzos. John three point around the way off the ball. Did hit the backboard and drop there. And what are we got? Really struggling with his life. You're going to have to come out of the game here. Really good pass a pick and pop on the right wing rather than roll to the basket want pops out to the free point line. Devante long guys. And with a behind the back pass hits the wide open. But he's really struggling with that forty four thirty eight on the scoreboard, fourteen thirty eight fourteen twenty eight ago in this basketball game, Wichita state leads Indiana back in a bubble basketball to care source.

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