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So we don't and again we're real big fans of working with organizations whether the federal government or the private sector to understand what's the mission that they're trying to accomplish why are they in business where the risks are where the risks are coming from and how they need to be medicated again it's not a country conversation for us it truly one risk management conversation and if you say that based on what we're buying china buying from china causes a concern then you seek alternative sources of supplies were we'd rather it from that versus starting to blacklist countries are the incentives to good for us companies to move their manufacturing out of china i mean these companies are beholden to their boards i'm personally not convinced that most of these boards really care that much about where their processor chips are made when the alternative is a massive increase in production spending i think it's a really great point and i think it really drives home the point that this is a business problem to be solved as much as it's a national security concern from the federal government it truly is a business discussion and what we're actually seeing is that boards and c suites are really understanding more that this is a problem that they need to be aware of and if you think about the awakening that they had from a cyber security concern you're now seeing that supply chain risk is becoming part of that same conversation one of the reasons that we really wanna talk to you guys because there's a couple of things happening recently that really really tie into the supply chain stuff one is that the the national cyber security center in the united kingdom recently said essence that equipment deployments in the uk or risks that can't really be mitigated so obviously the initial questions did you see this report and if you did have we already gone too far down this room the united states particularly with the united states government so.

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