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What happened to kill it fucking killed him man what? Value Intel up and started put them off on talking just ran right into you. Stopped my okay. So you're saying there's there's people with the terrorist look at me. Saying. I think so all right. Did you get a good look at them or how? Really? Busy. Worrying About Lucy. Army the the character still manages to actually not completely be repulsive and I. think that's why the writing with this character is so good and You know it's. Looking at this man This active man plays let find find a picture Anthony Star Antony Antony. Starr man. Anthony. Anthony not. Anthony but aunt. Yeah, I made a mistake to there's no h in there. Don't say the fucking. If you roll Nice I. Feel Real. Nice. What did you say? There was an ancient in. Name and saw that there was not. See. Yeah there he is right here this actor. A lot of it has it has to do with actor just being able to bring all these qualities. If you want to call it, qualities are all these traits this character to life right here. Character soups and a superhero who is motionless stunt spoiled a self-serving narcissist who was still charming. You know make some of the most fascinating villains that there today and that's because accurate here huge praise for him and he plays that character. So well that he was working for me, I wouldn't even trust him. I've been doing background checks CBS, a history of secret history illness should I'm looking at him right now know this is crazy man that's why he's able to do this. There's something to be said about you enjoying the way he has to deal with it. It's it's like you look at just. How.

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