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And I'm Scott Galloway coming to from our nation's capital today care, are you what were you doing there? I had breakfast. With about a dozen congressmen congresswomen and a few senators, and then I met with another Senator to talk about big tack. Let's hear about what happened. What why were they all together for breakfast? I am just was in Washington. Now, I'm in New York City, but what was the breakfast about? So there's a breakfast that's hosted by the Aspen institute. And it's every where we Thursday morning for the last I guess thirty years speaker on a topic of interest, and it's you speak for fifteen minutes. And then they throw questions out you really nice environment. And this was all about big. And what was your message? What was your message to these congress people will, you know, my message. My message is that these organizations have become invasive species, they are they are sit lords who started up nine and then turn to the dark side of the force. And unless we arm we arm you are representatives with inside data and the backbone wherewithal to break up what have become invasive species that we're going to continue to kill innovation our country. Our tax base is gonna run the middle class is going to continue to experience lot wages that that the government is here to serve the the governed not the governor's these companies have become the governor's floor. That's really interesting. I just had Shoshana Zubov on talking about this. He has a book called surveillance capitalism where she has exactly the same messages. The the hijacking of everything by these companies, and and for more dire even more dire predictions from her in terms of what's going to happen. Do they hear you do they do they because you know, I've been banging this drum for a while too. So do they hear hear your messaging cursor, get your take my my take? And I'm new to Washington I've been here ten times in my life and five times in the last month. They hear you the greed they nod their head, and they are totally befuddled as to what to do about it. Because I, you know, the scary thing is I think they're outgunned wonder outcome by complexity. These are difficult problems understand only seven percent of our electorate has a background technology engineering. So they're just sort of their intimidated by the subject material into there's Amazon as eighty eight full time lobbyists in DC, and you've written about this the one area of each of the big tech organization spending that's increase faster than anything. Increase faster than our D. Hiring is lobbying. So when the the legislation that banned sex trafficking and puts platforms like back page out of business and gets a ninety seven to one vote in favour, you think well, that's bipartisan action work. There's now an organization challenging that. And trying to take it to the supreme court worried that any any in habituation of what could do could be bad for them. And that organization is a front for Google. So even when it comes to sex trafficking. Google is willing to spend a lot of money to fight it. It's the points. It's really astonishing..

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