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What are incentives what's the point the i mean i'd love to take fifty subs back and talk about my you know the history money that i always always talk about which i'm happy to swing into a moment but you want to go that way or should i go i wanna go there but yeah i start answering the question and starts getting because a lot of people okay so i was just listening to a book my walk here and it's a book about the creation of the fed it's called the curse of jekyll island the creature from jekyll island which is a great book and it's about the invention of the fed and the re the removal of money from having any concrete value or the last nine years or so and previously as the us dollar was gold back for every dollar there was represented a certain amount of gold that was sitting at the federal reserve that right yeah the government guaranteed that it would redeem your notes for for a amount of gold but basically six very rich men in nineteen thirty or nineteen twenty they got together and they went to jekyll island which is jordan off the coast of georgia and they're all bankers and they came up with the idea of how can we create a system in which we can generate money out of nothing and how can we make that thing not owned by the government but instead owned by private enterprise especially owned by banks and how can we conceal the fact of the world is true and they did that by creating the federal reserve which is a private organization that's not owned by the government that manufacturers dollar nothing but that's not the point the point is this when you when you people start talking money there is ways over and they they don't wanna hear because there's a lot of different first of all it sounds confusing seems very confusing because most conversations start in the middle where the definitions of what money is haven't been settled yet over also ziv in in a matrix of of money it's like a religious we are behavior has been shaped by money and it shapes everything around us the transaction of that money as white world now it's it can be numbers in a database somewhere and.

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