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You hear the Kentucky Wildcats your listening to news radio eight forty WHAS Louisville all this the words all this across the floor and the white blue levels of letters in the blue and white walked down the side cats will go right to left point opposite the benches here at Rupp arena Richard stepped into the center circle to oppose six foot seven eight K. tape up in only two wins all time for all this in Lexington first one is in nineteen twenty seven and the other one was in nineteen ninety eight on Valentine's day and that Kentucky team did lose again all the way to winning the national championship that season down in San Antonio manual quickly ask for the basketball from every Steven Anderson rubbed his hands all around it like a picture of the baseball like yeah I've never liked the brand new slick fall as the shooter I wonder what was ripped up a little bit that's controlled by the rebels sure all the points and set off the hints and on the right side at the time active Hagens is on him well back to the top of the left side to above his right side sure sure to come to the top of the circle turn the corner back to Hanson eight to shoot slides left the Kentucky really good defensive position open the gate the cats are very active force a tough to Hagens down the lane kicks to Richard let baseline the big fellow for old Missy he kids he had to give a little help with the pain by the time he got back to NYC in the short corner Paul was called Tyree on the point now passes left side above the drives through the lane right side Maxie's on him president elect double picks up his dribble close it across to both of both and drive through the line cooks up a right hand leader will go and every man to Kentucky's Emmanuel quickly two nothing cat the Sagan starts at the right side comes to the top of the circle three no going out the back iron rebel controlled by the rebels it's not lose six rebel force in the fight in any position he's way wait for a table it's a big round of applause like to see that early for a P. J. the engine is running keep it running all gave young fellow Doug is fall down on the left baseline to get a play you look back if you win the game by one or two points and you think stealing a position there with us that's the way it plays out sometimes see at the left side he did a Regis fires to Hagens cutting into the right place he scored really got bombed he had bought this he was falling under the basket he flipped up a shot it sounds cold on June his first in the team's first of two shots coming for you J. McGovern AJ did a nice job that time stepping in front of it was either Hinson or yeah I think was in such greedy with his body the kits that past kept the defender on his back first free throw perfect so so many.

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