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Down a little bit. Bill Bird is executive sports editor of the Eagle Tribune and joins me now, Bill, I don't know if this comes as a huge surprise. There is a lot of talk that charter might not be. Long for the Bruins after last season. No, I think what I think we saw first of all his contracts only for $795,000, which is a pittance nowadays, and that the fact that this extended this long I mean the season's upon us within a month and And he still was out there. I mean, the issue had been he had fully moved back. Tohe was literally becoming the sixth or seventh defenseman on the Bruins, and I don't think you wanted that anymore, and he wanted a chance to be maybe in the top four. I think the capital's given that opportunity. This is the first time Probably and probably in about a decade, The Bruins have had this much depth at defense. It's probably one of their solid positions Ciara today on Instagram, saying the rules decided to move forward with the younger players. Obviously, as you mentioned, I mean, he's dropping in the depth chart. Was this something that you think he could have stayed if he wanted to, but just decided. Hey, the younger players gonna play here. I'll go somewhere else. No, I think he could have just his role was going to be less or even less than it was a year ago, and he went look the last three or four years he's been outside of his prime is a two way player. Remember, he had that 103 4 Miles an hour slap shot that thing. It's sort of disappeared, Hey, was not really a threat. Offensively defensively still helped out was good on the power play, maybe sometimes on the first, the best forward the other team, but that even it disappeared. So his role was lessening. I think the capital's gonna offer him a little more opportunity to play a little more and then And I think that's what it was. Let's just talk real quick about legacy, obviously winning the Stanley Cup with the Bruins in 2011 charges, but a big part of this team captain for 14 seasons. Hey leaves a good legacy in Boston, and I don't think fans you know, are mad that he's leaving. I think that they're happy that he's going to keep playing somewhere. Look, it's some circles. People wanted him gone a couple of years ago, but you're right. He's he's beloved. He had to see very respected, You know, you know, lived in the north End. You see him driving If people live in Boston talked about all the time he'd be riding on this big 10 speed bike And you see this, You know, 8 ft guy sort of driving through six. Grab to the city, so he wasn't even the class guy. Never a problem. Very respected. I mean, he came in literally to the Bruins the same year as Patrice Bergeron. That's how long we've been here. 14 season. That's a long time. Bergeron was 21 years old back then. Now I think turning 35 36 0. Yeah, this is this is a long running. He won a cup. He was carried it first as the captain and you know the long legacy Bruins have it's 50 years of great defenseman going back to Bobby Orr. Put Bread Park and the Ray Bork, of course, and now it's a Dana Ciara and he's gonna be handing off to a couple of young guys. Couple of good players. All right, Bill Bird executive sports director that Eagle Tribune is says today. No, Ciara has left the Bruins. He's gonna play in Washington next season..

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