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Supporting or speaking on behalf of something you know i think that that tends to make people think oh well it must be legitimate if this professional working actor supports it so that reminded me very much of of scientology which is why alluded to that at the beginning of the segment we'll say doing some research into this organization that they like scientology use the actor angle in order to draw people in keith has his own youtube channel called keith ranieri conversations and it was updated just about a year ago and it's conversations with keith and allison mack and they talk about how this self help system nexium helps actors become better and understand themselves so obviously they're going after that celebrity entertainment angle and being like hey join our self help group which is actually a sex colt and it will help you better that's the thing that's so shocking and i was just trolling around the internet's to see if alison has set anything on the issue she hasn't but one of the other actresses that was referenced in the report that they just play kristen cruch she actually did sort of separate herself from this group a number of years ago and has spoken out publicly on social media you know denouncing all of the activity that's going on and really hoping that the people that are directly involved and accusing this keith person of the sexual misdeeds standing up and supporting you know an advocating on their behalf.

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