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And 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward. George Wallace is here what's going on with the capitals? Well, marca, they get Carolina tonight, division leading Carolina twice in the next three games, and they're gonna do without Alex Ovechkin, who's left the team to attend to a family matter in a health of a loved one on clear how long he will be gone, but Nicholas Baxter knows they've got to move on. We're all aware of the situation and we're on a tough stretcher coming up. So teams are winning and so we have to do that too. I mean, we've got to chip in for each other and make sure we really start playing a team now. Capital One arena. Tonight, 7 o'clock start, first place, Carolina. And the capitals, NFL, commanders interviewing former ravens OC Greg Roman today, the team making the announcement still unclear. If they will get that interview with Eric the enemy, well, one less place for him to go now is Baltimore because Todd monkey leaves Georgia after three years and becomes the ravens new offensive coordinator, eagles and will now look for a new OC Shane steichen is officially announced as the Indianapolis Colts next head coach wizards lose last night in Golden State it's on to Portland tonight men's college hoops this evening Georgetown on the road at seton hall toward Wallace WTO sports. All right, George, 1247, as Michigan state university today finds itself grappling with a deadly mass shooting, we're remembering another one today. It was 5 years ago that 14 students and three staffers were killed at marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida. Those affected, say they will never forget that day. And Broward county, Florida, a moment of silence. In Miramar, Florida, elementary school students, teachers, and first responders create a giant heart on a field. Parkland survivor David hall, who helped build a national movement for tougher gun laws, says people need to put their politics aside and get something done. Because ultimately it doesn't matter if you're a Republican

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