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And that's what I usually do in my break time. I think it's so important. Yep. Cleo lines is another perfect example. Rob of how you just know these things fit and they work and their practices that come into play. But I'm going to tell you once again, Rob is nailed science without even realizing that is completely supported by how our brain works that our brain is focused for these little amounts of energy and then the default mode Network sort of starts creeping in. I know it's just about him in the past that little funny monkey that pulls us off topic and suddenly we're off topic and we're off energy and we can be off focus. And if we don't have a practice and play for how to manage us half of your time can just you know, be evaporated into unproductive things because you know you're on for this time and now you're going to be off and you're going to go walk in the backyard. Your default mode network box has a little dangling banana that funny monkey has a dangling banana for its to be able to downtime reload but it's focused on the things I talk about Iraq. How you can take this built-in negative energy, this built-in lack of focus and turn around and make bait for your brain that this part of your brain does, like to think and wander off. And if you give your dreams part of the framework for the monkey, to sort of crawl on when you're bored or tired, or need down time because you've set up, oh, I want to have a show next month with Rob, you can use the sort of Bates for your brain. I know it sounds a little weird, but I'm going to tell you, you have to just wait going to be chapter 4, you don't load Network, so you go, trust them. She is, she is the she's got the science behind all this stuff and Audrey. I just want to thank you so much for being here today. It's funny because I don't get distracted. When I'm doing podcasts wage not get distracted when I'm doing certain things and like I'm all in my hyper focus and it just it's interesting like it seems I just looked at the at the timer. I'm like wow it seems to me like we were just on doing this like wage. Minutes. And I'm looking to go. Wow, that's a long time. And once again, I think we're in flow. So thank you, Audrey for being here today in flow on life transformation radio. This is great. I know we were in blow because honestly, it felt like 5 minutes. I'm grateful and Audrey of a book coming out. It's called mastering the art of self disruption of super Achievers, achieve success. I love it and you can reach Audrey at, Audrey Lawrence. And when you reach out to her, please let her know that you listen to this episode of Life transformation. Radio, Audrey. Thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for being here today. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your support and take the time out of your busy and precious day to.

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