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It looks like they were crying hysterically ever seen that many teardrops in my life. So Carini's homesick and she's not confident in her body. So I mean Carini still has postpartum sure for sure. I think that it's just not recognized. So his mom's like Oh, you're kind of like, what do they call log? Deadbeat I wouldn't want you either and she's right. She's like you need to stop thinking about yourself. It's not fair to your child. So he's like I just need a very small bag of dog food. He gets a pickup truck to bring a forklift to bring this bag of dog food and he's like, is this a good bag of dog food? He's trying to distract his mom. Here's the thing right. I our listeners have definitely watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Okay in one part Chevy Chase goes to Walmart with Cousin Eddie and he's like, oh like I know you don't you know, cuz I didn't have a job and he's like anything he need like we'll help you out with and he just kept grabbing these giant bags. Yes for his daughter does not seem to have the car. Yes. It's like doing it's so funny. That's a very good comparison. So now he's leaving and this part made me laugh out loud. He's leaving and he's like Mom one more thing. Do you think that I look fat? Do you think I should join the gym? She's like get away from me. She's like Paul doesn't last thing you need to be thinking up and he's like don't worry Mom..

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