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Here we go jonathan frakes thank you so much for joining me on this podcast i really appreciate it the pleasure actually's mine hour you i'm excellent and i'm excited to get into talking about science fiction in the research we were doing the coolest facts that that we had covered is that you worked for marvel comics in the '70s can you about for a second okay since you've dug it up a friend of mine live charlie davis was working for marvel as spiderman in the '70s were to go out an open seven eleven and comic book stores and they decided that they hire somebody else to play captain america so charlie said i got a buddy and we went submitted they send us on a trip to omaha to open up these stores was kind of an absurd personal appearance you'd right in front of a rented ford taurus been driven by one of those andy defraigne security guys you know you'd stop about a block away from your location stand on the hood and hold the garbage can live as if you are actually captain america opponent righted the pool right into the parking lot and the high point i guess was the fact that we were all invited to the environmental awareness lawn party at the white house so the whole quiz there and stand lee was there and charlie and i were there as spiderman a captain america and the second best part of being kept in america was that had some appearance some sifi comic book convention in new york because we were actually all living in new york at the time and.

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