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To drive the ball down the field too much here. So one way or the other. It would seem to be a long field goal. Attempt for Blankinship. Snap on the far left. Hash Bunch Crips far left 2nd 11 play clock it one shotgun snap. Rivers takes a deep shot down the left side. Throws it sideline in complete out of bounds. Eight seconds 3rd and 11 down a vehicle. Yeah, Now they got major problems. Now they got major problems because now you have to get at least the first down. But you can't spike it on fourth down. So if they get tackled short of the line again, and by the way, with eight seconds left, there really isn't time to spike it anymore, anyway, now, so now what they need here. They need to get at least 11 yards and get out of bounds. Good luck. It's pretty hard to do to get both those. Blankenship, one of 3 50 plus this year missed from 56 hit from 53 shotgun snap 3rd and 11 down a field goal. Rivers throws far left side five lines out of bounds in complete again. Four seconds left 4th and 11 Well, the bills are all over it and let me correct myself. By the way on the plump prior play, they could have gotten nine yards and going out of bounds and then kick the crazy long field goal. However, now now they got now they got real problems. Remember that Buffalo's loan loss? Over the course of the last couple of months was the Hail Murray. Hail Mary at Arizona. That was in week. 10 back on the 15th of November 4 seconds. No timeouts. Colts down three at the Buffalo 47 trips near right, Rivers out of the gun fades back four man rush. River steps into a pro. He takes his shot zero sum o'clock for the end zone stocked away at the Bills win it. The Buffalo defense warms. The ball was short of the end zone anyway,.

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