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Brothers us all along from from day one you've had a ton of success and we got you a little something or friends audio technica this one of our to our sponsors how about that and they just came out with a brand new limited edition red headphones oh wow so we wanted to give the city and they sent a car to thank you very much sending another for everybody else well thanks to audio technica by the wicked do you have that song brothers can you play a little bit down to this is a day of all the new stuff here of brothers low cash here their new record we'll be called brothers and can you mean version of course brothers yes do the second verse that why would you name the record brothers by the way well you know chris and i are not related and that's the first question everybody asses are we really brothers and the answer is yes and no because we're not blood brothers but we feel like brothers and there's a lot of folks out there that have somebody close in their life that is had their back and been there for them and so we were hoping maybe they would relate to these lyrics and the song so we wrote it with corey crowder and tyler hubbard and and none of us are related man we felt like brothers that day it was cool we're all brothers and sisters out there man and we wanted something that just brings people together and especially our military and we'll sing set we'll start with the second verse because it's about our military so we'll do that.

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