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After the ship caught fire happened yesterday morning, the amphibious ship undergoing repairs, so there were only about 160 sailors on board. All accounted for Rear Admiral Philip so back on the initial call. In the lower cargo hold of the ship is called Deep V for that classes, ship and its huge open area where you store, a lot of marine equipment, everything else so that's where we believe it started. And then everything above that is where officers and birds and compartments are. So that's where we want to make sure we contain the Navy also worrying about something else. That was one million gallons of fuel. At the very bottom of the whole of the Rashard. They put temperature gauges on the ship. And received help from San Diego Fire and harbor fire to keep that portion of the ship. Cool, Rear Admiral so Bix that they did everything they could to make sure a secondary explosion didn't happen. Phil Farrar, Kogo news. A manhunt continues after San Diego police say two women were shot to death and a six month old boy was taken. The boy was later found. OK now Homicide detectives are looking for 31 year old justice love peace who's also known as Jeremiah Horton. They believe he shot the baby's mother and grandmother, this detective tells reporting partner 10 news. Horton is the boy's father. This appears to be a tragic situation of domestic violence. Police say when they went to the scene. Excuse me. When I went to the scene, they found one woman outside the home. The other woman inside in the 4300 block of ever soul. One person has died after being hit by a hit and run driver in national City. Police say the man was skateboarding with friends when he was hit near Feast fifth and Palm at 12 30 in the morning Friday, the victim ultimately died from a serious head injury. The investigation is still underway. Local news time is 502 and a weekend of increasing Corona virus infections. Jackie Baniyas with Maura Country is experiencing an explosion of cases, with several states once again experiencing a shortage of tests pp and hospital beds, among them Florida, which recorded 15,299 new covert 19 cases Sunday, marking the highest number of new infections in any state since the pandemic started Texas breaking another daily record with more than 10,000 hospitalizations Sunday. And Houston City leaders there are calling for another locked down as the country reached more than 27,000 infections. But there is a sign of major progress in New York City, once the epicenter of the pandemic, recording its first day without a death from the virus since March, the US counts more than 3.3 million recorded infections. Teachers unions say the lack of funding will probably prevent schools from reopening in the fall in the union's notified the state in a letter, the head of the American Federation of Teachers and the president of the California teacher Association say before they re open safety measures have to be met, which will be expensive. President wants us back into the school side. He needs to make sure that we have the funding in order to do so. The district strap because the district had to make sure they have the funding to go from brick and mortar parting, Sita president Toby Boy tells KOGO News. All the districts throughout the state are operating differently and with specific needs they currently can't fill San Diego Unified has said it plans to open the end of August. Within person and distance learning. Boyd says he knows it's taking a toll on students, parents and instructors that says science, facts and safety can't be ignored. Maryland HAIDER KOGO NEWS The White House wants kids sitting in class this fall, but some caution against reopening schools with cases adding up. Here's Colonel Scott, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Fox News Sunday, said kids need to get back to in person instruction. They've fallen behind this spring. We need to ensure they're back. In a in a classroom situation wherever possible and whenever possible, But Dr Tom Ingles, be director of the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins said also on Fox States have been preparing for that. But there are still some uncertainties about transmission in schools..

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