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20,000 local jobs Learn more at WAC dot org Traffic and weather to the traffic center now and Rick McClure Okay Michelle let's start in Virginia I 66 across the Roosevelt bridge the left lane is blocked both ways with a long-term work zone project just started yesterday Three 95 north of boundary channel looks like we have a one stall along the right shoulder drawing lots of attention as the volume picks up but inbound on the 14th street bridge toward the district No issues other than that reported And that's not even blocking I 95 no problems through Virginia between Fredericksburg and the Springfield interchange Through the district northwest metro police are checking on a crash involving a pedestrian struck along 7th and Florida avenues The freeway is still showing some volume westbound through southwest over the case of bridge And no issues reported on D.C. two 95 but we do have It's like we have a crash reported southbound on I two 95 after the 11th street bridge before Howard road and I believe we believe it's blocking the right side of the roadway will double check and have a confirmation on that in our next report Meanwhile over in Maryland 50 is still traveling well both inside and outside the beltway and you're good across the bay bridge three lanes west and two lanes east beautiful Parkway still a little slow traveling south through fort Meade and Laurel We believe the crash clean up is done before route one 98 everything on the shoulder and that's still your only slow spot in the Parkway right now I 72 70 no problems reported I 95 still traveling well And the outlook of the capitol bell was back on the move through camp springs and morningside the crash near the Allentown road exit that was cleared last report the lace on the move all the way around the capitol beltway right now Satisfy everyone in your family with silver diner to go Order delivery from silver diner dot com for the lowest menu prices and no hidden fees Silver diner eat well be well Rick McClure Traffic And earlier today I think I saw it all at my house rain snow sleet Let's bring in Steve principally with storm team four for the latest on what's been going on out there.

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