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If they were to go through a period where there's a bunch of injuries, and they struggled during it, there's not as much room for error. But I have heard you know that these guys are excited. I'm afeard. I've been told that Eren judge has been a big key for that with the Yankees and and that they seem to be really locked in on the start of the season. And that the same thing goes for the bats just publicly right? What Pete Alonso has been saying. So given everything I just said, and trying to, like, go from where we were to where we are now, and I do believe we're all going. Oh, wow. You know, this is really happening right again. I see the guys that the N B a bubble. I see LeBron put up a post Oh, wow. They're really coming back and then, like I said at the update at the top of the hour their interest squad results in who's pitching in I know you saw Garret Cole make his Yankees debut sort of the other day. This This is really happening, at least for now, but I also have to imagine there are some of you who are worried about it. There are some of you who are nervous about whether it's going to be completed. There are some of you who may just be downright excited because you don't care. And and finally, there's something that we could consider good news. Because good news is, is you and far between right now. You gotta you gotta search real hard for good news. Yeah, You can't find good news on the front page. The back page any of the pages in between. You just got to go to the Yellow Pages start cold, cold cold, calling people who are asking for good news and their own household to get some good news. So how you feeling? I want to get a sense of it. Yes, we're we're We're in the midst of it. What we're about to be not on the other side because we're clearly not as a country but from the sports aspect of it. We've got some. We've got some activity. We've got some wheels in motion. We've got, you know things about to go down. 877337 66 66 877337 66 66. You can also get at me at Robin Lundberg on Twitter. That's R O b I n l u N d e b E R G I think that was the first Aladdin. Reference I've ever made. On the air before it will probably be the last. But we're in a whole new world right now. So what do you make of this whole new world? How are you feeling? Excited, nervous. Anxious. A mixture of all those things. Let me know 877337 66 66 Robin Lundberg hanging out with you on this Sunday afternoon. Here on the fan. Thiss isn't our first slip and sure. Summer it's Jamie progresses. Employee of the month, two months in a row, leave a message at the Hi Jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song with the name your price tool, So when it's like Tell us what you want to pay me a trombone goes Bah bah wah and you say we'll be fine Carthage options that fit your budget. Then we just all do. Finger snaps will acquire goes state was coming at you Save it's coming out job. Yes. No. Maybe Anyway, So your practice Tonight I got new lyrics for the Rat Break. Progressive casualty insurance Company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law lock is completely.

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