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And there's just so many reasons and one of them pointed out, the new amazing article done by this guy at Andrea ski who is a CEO over the books dot com, and it's called mapping San Francisco's human waste challenge. So many cases of poop since two thousand eight and so much for coming on. And it's look London breed said it was going to get better. And it's not getting better. And it's just the city just is a mess. Can't the number one issue in the mayor's in pan Francisco last summer human waste in the public way. It actually kind of hard to talk about across the country. But not in San Francisco. This is the problem that everyone is comfortable with their all with it. Our shows when we bet the three one one nonemergency call in San Francisco since two thousand eight there was incredibly a hundred thirty two thousand cases reported of human waste human feces in the public way. This is an issue that is better in San Francisco was the biggest issue in the race for mayor. She promised to clean it up in the first quarter of twenty nineteen data shows that peaking to an all time high. What she's doing isn't working? No, no. It's not working. And the funny thing is I see all of these see what's going on. There poop maps and the whole nine yards. I also see the fact that there's about eight thousand homeless people. And that's I mean who knows how many really there are just like how many real cases these are the cases reported of human feces imagined the ones that weren't. But I also see that some of the stuff she's trying to do even getting pushed back from the Ressaf's who want to be very, oh, lovey feely, touchy feely open your arms, but we don't want them in our neighborhood scenario. It's got to be tough for her because she knows it's an issue that everybody else around the country's laughing at. So here's one of the reform moments that the new mayor had she introduced a self titled poop patrol it's five members of this poop patrol they go around cleaning up instances of waste and the public way the tampered TISCO chronicle wanna fide just curl much at Peck's pare costs each member of this five person crew makes each year and incredibly it's one hundred eighty four thousand dollars salary perquisites and pension benefits. God. That's that's a good gig, man. And it's a good gig. If you can get but yet it's a gross gig as well. We're talking to Adam and ski CEO bookstore. Calm. And when when you look at all of this what what is causing this. I've sure you've probably seen the Seattle is dying documentary, which was it's amazing. I worry about San Francisco getting even worse, and I worry about it just spreading, you know, the Sacramento to Los Angeles to which is already got its own problems, Phoenix and everywhere else where you have all of these these want to do good want to kind of cut back on the policing of areas. And then next thing, you know, you've got crime running amok. And you've got people doing things that is just it's insane. In pampering Cisco, as you know, can't come to the most powerful progressive politicians in the country, including house speaker Nancy Pelosi, the new governor of California Gavin Newsom, the US Senator and presidential hopeful Camila, Harris, look, it's their political power base. And they can't even keep people off the streets from going to the bathroom in the in the public way. There are twenty five million tourists to San Francisco every single year in about a month ago, the San Francisco chamber of commerce commissioned a study and found that twenty percent of those tourists aren't coming back because of this problem that five million people that visited San Francisco last year that won't be coming back to the city. This is a problem that's hitting the business community right in their wallets. Yeah. And that's where they have to feel it too to see change here. So you've got all these people and they're on the street right there. A lot of them are mentally whether drugs have caused them to to mentally be just eventually they're just not there anymore. They've got mental illness or mental illness and the drug self-medication. But you've got all of this stuff. You've got people using drugs. Open air..

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